Industrial Design Prototyping & Manufacturing of Sample Enclosures

Industrial design prototyping is an integral part of custom electronic manufacturing services at Promwad for various electronics markets locally and globally. Product prototype design serves as a bridge between imagination and reality, offering you a firsthand look at the product concepts that will bring your vision to life.

Our managers, industrial and mechanical designers, hardware and production engineers, and design engineers work together to consider the technical and business aspects of your project. This collaborative approach reduces the risk of errors and allows adjustments to be made during the production of the first samples.

Our Case Studies on Engineered Product Prototyping

Digital handheld transceiver


As an electronic prototype manufacturing company, we also create solutions for reverse engineering – the client supplies us with a prototype and we optimise the model and develop design documentation for mass production on its basis.

It is important to understand that some device characteristics cannot be modelled even with the most up-to-date CAD systems: tactile perception, how pleasant it is to hold the device, how quickly the plastic gets dirty, its gloss, and the feel of its weight. Only a live comparison of several product design prototypes will allow you to make an optimal choice.

Benefits of Our Prototype Manufacturing Services

Prototype manufacturing at Promwad is meticulous work to transform your ideas into fully functional prototypes or demo samples, ensuring that your custom electronic enclosure meets all your expectations. 

Through our prototype design consultancy, we help you choose the best option – from simple, low-fidelity models made from basic materials to high-fidelity, functional prototype – whether you are developing private-label electronics or engaging in custom injection moulding from the ground up.


Realistic samples

Manufacture of fully functional demo samples that are close to the mass-produced items – they can be used at a show, for a meeting with an investor or for certification


Optimal materials

Help with the selection of manufacturers and materials for prototyping: various types of plastics, metal, wood, rubber, composite materials



Use of various technologies to prototype enclosures: milling, FDM, SLS, and others

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering

Engineering based on your sample



Customisation of design documentation to consider all your requirements in terms of cost, materials, components, and location of production sites

As a result of our prototyping and consultancy services, you receive a functional electronic device and complete design documentation for subsequent production.

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