Сustom Injection Molding Design Services

Promwad Manufacturing provides molding design for enclosures. From small volume orders to large scale manufacturing, we take on projects of nearly any size or type.

We develop molds for producing plastic parts or another tooling for the production of high-quality enclosures for the electronic devices.

Enclosure injection molds at Promwad

Molding design and manufacturing are complex processes that help produce enclosures and enclosure parts for electronic devices. Our goal is a ready-made enclosure that fully complies with the developed design solution.

While designing and manufacturing molds, Promwad experts perform tasks of any complexity, following the customer requirements and standards. We use only the most up-to-date software tools and equipment.

The experts of Promwad Manufacturing department have vast experience in designing and producing electronic enclosures. Our industrial designer team has been developing its portfolio for 16 years. Our primary focus is a molding design for future plastic enclosures of devices of mass consumer markets using state-of-the-art and best available technologies.

Enclosure injection molds

What we do



we carry out computer analysis and simulation of production processes

Materials for molds


we assist the client in choosing the best materials for the enclosure and molds



we optimize the enclosure design to suit the material characteristics of the mold casting

Enclosure molding maintenance


we support the client in the production of tooling and provide necessary consultations



we create prototypes of the future enclosures close to the serial products

Manufacturing of molds at promwad


help you launch mass production of enclosures at the right location in the world

Why Promwad?



We guarantee the declared result on the production site



We ensure the absence of manufacturing defects



High level of enclosure resistance and compliance with standards

Enclosure injection mold design

Promwad experts provide molding design and manufacturing for various production processes and materials (plastic, rubber, etc.), create and optimize their design, and test the mold to ensure the highest quality of finished products at the production site.

In a short time, designers and technologists calculate and optimize the design to test the mold to ensure the high quality of finished products in production.

To test the product for assemblability and test its usability, we make a prototype with a 3D printer. The customer receives a prototype, which is close to the final product in quality. We can find ready-made enclosure solutions for many projects.

examples of molds at promwad
Ivan Kuten

"We help our customers achieve success in industrial design. Promwad's portfolio includes devices that stand out in the world market, such as a set of Lapka iPhone sensors, portable DO-RA dosimeter-radiometers, and other products that have become popular mainly due to successful enclosure solutions. We work only with proven manufacturers in the CIS and Southeast Asia, who guarantee high quality and adherence to deadlines".

— Ivan Kuten, Co-owner & Tech Expert at Promwad

Our projects with custom enclosure molding

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