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Promwad is an independent electronics design house. We take our customers' business to a new orbit helping them to develop and produce new world-class products for the high-tech market. We take care of all technical issues: we design hardware and develop software, create mechanical and industrial design for a new enclosure, launch production at the right location worldwide.

Over the past 18 years, we have built a close-knit team of 150+ engineers and managers who specialize in the following promising markets: digital TV and multimedia, IoT and consumer devices, telecommunications, automotive electronics, automation, and FPGA projects. We are ready to complete your project on a turnkey basis or take on individual tasks in development and production.

Products designed for our customers

In our portfolio, you will find products for niche companies, startups, and market leaders. There are over 400+ projects for customers in Europe, Asia, and America. About 3 million people around the world use devices developed by Promwad engineers.

Thanks to our partnerships and priority technical support from leading world manufacturers, we integrate into our developments the newest electronic components which have not yet been launched into the mass market. Our official partners: TI, NXP, Realtek, Qualcomm, Allwinner, Broadcom, HiSilicon, Xilinx, Telechips, Microsemi, Analog Devices.

Electronic product design process


Product concept

We create a clear concept of a device or an application for the electronics market, based on technical capabilities of the development, users’ needs, estimated manufacturing costs and market features for the sale of the finished product. The result is a minimum viable product (MVP), as well as Terms of Reference for developing a fully functional device or software.

Concept development
and technical inspection
MVP design
Preparing Terms of
Reference (TOR)

Hardware development

We select electronic components, create a circuit diagram and trace a PCB based on the requirements of the device structure. Analysis and physical processes modeling accelerate the development process and increase reliability of the hardware platform. We use boundary scan for quality control of the assembled board.

PCB designAnalysis and
JTAG tests

Software development

We select an operating system and develop all levels of the device software: drivers, user interfaces and programs for quality control testing in manufacturing. We cut time and cost of designing a software device platform using of ready-made open source solutions.

Development of embedded
and applied software
Mobile applications

Industrial design

Industrial design in electronics is not just about creating stylish design drafts and a 3D enclosure model, it is also about developing the device structure and selecting a manufacturing technology. Ready-made enclosure solutions are tested and improved on prototypes, followed by creating a mold for casting the enclosure in batch manufacturing

Design and structure
Selection of enclosure
materials and prototyping

Electronics manufacturing

We create trial samples to evaluate the selected materials and make sure the device functions correctly. We tailor the documentation to the requirements of a particular manufacturer, schedule delivery of components, as well as manufacture and test a pilot batch. Then we set up an assembly line for batch manufacturing in the required part of the world.

Testing in
Turn-key device


over 2 mln STBs were produced by our clients

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countries used our customers' IoT gadgets

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gigabit Ethernet for L2 multiport switches

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years in the design of transport electronics

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References of our clients

Our history


Establishing the company

Roman Pakholkov founded a private company focused on the custom development of mass-produced electronics for the world market. Ivan Kuten and Vitaly Mozolevsky, current co-owners of Promwad, joined Roman.


Support for adventure racing

We became the title sponsor of the Adventure Race Cup "Promwad Tour". In 2009, it included Naliboki, a popular amateur annual marathon. The same year Roman Pakholkov founded the Adventure Racing Federation.


Support for education & Open Source

We became the golden sponsor of the LinuxDevices website and organized a series of forums for electronics developers. And now, we have an annual internship for university students.


Company rebranding

Our ten years of experience in electronics reflected on the company style: we updated our logo and changed our technological positioning to the industry-specific one. Initially, we focused on Linux and SoC, and then on the key industries of our clients.


Promwad Travel Club and HR Award

We founded an adventure club to conquer new heights not only at work but also while traveling together. We started with a trip to the Carpathians and then conquered the Tatras and Kazbek.

Promwad is

Predictable roadmap

Fixed deadlines and budgets with an independent evaluation of your project. We are committed to your success and faster time to market.

Strong expertise

Hundreds of completed projects in specific market segments with smooth-running processes, regular feedback and timely approval.

Flexible models

Flexible cooperation models tailored to your business goals and capacities. Let's discuss your goals and expectations.

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