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prplOS & OpenWRT Mesh Network for Wireless Routers and Access Points: Customisation and Porting

OpenWRT mesh network utilises embedded devices running OpenWRT, a Linux-based firmware. Our team customises and ports it to client routers and Wi-Fi APs — with support for Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E, and EasyMesh. We also have a more advanced prplOS-based software platform, which includes all the benefits of OpenWRT and more!

The platform for wireless devices is a full-featured enterprise-grade OS with multipath functionality and deep security inspection. As a member of the prpl Foundation, we have access to all engineering documentation, enabling us to provide complete technical assistance for prplOS-based solutions for our clients.

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Porting OpenWRT & prplOS
Adaptation of OpenWRT & prplOS
Mobile apps development
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Based on our experience, developing customised hardware from scratch is often impractical. Utilising ready OEM solutions proves to be more cost-effective and time-efficient.
Our user-friendly OS platforms are well-suited for designing specialised network equipment. We can adapt platforms to meet your specific requirements, thereby reducing your time to market for new products.

prplOS-based Software Platform for Wi-Fi Routers and Gateways

prplOS architecture

prplOS Blocks. Source:


Benefit from our custom software platform built on prplOS!

prplOS, an operating system developed by the prpl Foundation and powered by OpenWRT, features a high-level API and offers standardised software deployment for various customer-premises equipment (CPEs).

prplOS includes prplMesh, an implementation of the EasyMesh protocol, which serves as a client, controller, or both, enhancing network functionality.

The OS equipped with all essential software modules to ensure fast and secure connectivity includes two extra features:


Deep security
screening and automation

  • Intercept traffic up to 50 Gbps without data loss
  • Traffic analysis
  • Detection of events posing threats to the OpenWRT mesh network
  • Launch of customised scenarios to prevent threats

Multipath support

  • Simultaneous connection over Wi-Fi, LTE, and 5G with multiple providers
  • Uninterrupted connection
  • Traffic distribution for load balancing
  • Bandwidth expansion
  • Traffic redirection in case of failure

OpenWRT vs prplOS: Which Platform to Choose

We will help you choose the most suitable platform for your project. Explore the main criteria we consider when making our decision:



Open source

Open source

Open source

RAM limitation




Network devices: routers, access points

Networking and IoT devices


Compatible with 2K+ devices on the market

Compatible with a limited number of devices without customising the firmware

Community Support

Open community

Closed prpl Foundation community. Our clients receive support as Promwad is an active member of the prpl Foundation

Mesh Support

802.11s-based wireless mesh networking, B.A.T.M.M.A.N. / batman-adv, OLSR Mesh

Support for EasyMesh protocol in prplMesh implementation

TR-069 Support 

Partial support via third-party projects: icwmp, EasyCwmp

Full support

USP and TR-181 Support


Full support

Applications lifecycle management (ALM)



PON Support


Available with the solutions by MAxLinear and Cortina


Benefits of the TR-069 protocol support include:


  • Network configuration
  • Management of network and security features
  • Firmware and software updates
  • Device diagnostics
  • Data telemetry


Are you looking for an engineering partner to run your network services based on prplOS or OpenWRT?

We are ready to assist you in selecting the optimal whitebox hardware or designing it from scratch, along with porting an operating system that maintains the services you need.

Advantages of Cooperation with Promwad


Support for all popular chips & hardware platforms

Having long-standing partnerships with OEM suppliers and chip vendors, we work with most CPEs and chips used in routers by Realtek, MediaTek/Ralink, Marvell, Qualcomm/Atheros, NXP, Airoha Technology, and Broadcom.


Production & technical support worldwide

We run mass production of network devices at manufacturer's rates — wherever it is favourable to our customers. We have proven production sites in China, Southeast Asia, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, and Serbia.


Quick start of software development

We have lots of development kits compatible with both open-source operating systems to start your software development project immediately.

Explore our Case Studies

OpenWRT projects

Porting OpenWRT Mesh OS for Wi-Fi Cloud Management

We ported a custom Linux-based OpenWRT OS to Wi-Fi routers from several manufacturers: TP-Link, LigoWave, Open-Mesh, Mercusys, EnGenius, Mikrotik, and Siemens — a total of 22 routers. Read more >

WLAN Router Reference Design

WA-9312 wireless AP/router is designed for people on the go. It has multifunctional capabilities, high-performance throughput, and high-quality security.

Supported Wi-Fi Standards

wifi 6e / 7

Wi-Fi 6/6E/7

Wi-Fi 6/6E/7 are the advanced standards for wireless data exchange with higher connection speeds, greater channel width, and minor delays in open spaces and at close range. An OpenWRT Wi-Fi 6 router takes full advantage of these advancements, ensuring a superior experience for users in various environments.
wifi EasyMesh

Wi-Fi EasyMesh/prplMesh

An easy-to-use standard for multiple APs with enhanced security, stability, and simple topology for Wi-Fi at home and in outdoor facilities. In the mesh network, the devices (nodes) are interconnected to ensure that each node has multiple paths to reach the other ones.
prplMesh is an open-source, carrier-grade Multi-AP EasyMesh implementation. In addition to standard OpenWRT EasyMesh features, it provides Wi-Fi EasyMesh R compliance, has a simple architecture, and supports various operating and software platforms.
Ivan Kuten Promwad

"Promwad engineers have been developing network devices since the very first days of the company. As a result, we have a centre of competence in telecom to address any task related to custom software, hardware, and production launch."

— Ivan Kuten, Co-owner & Tech Expert at Promwad

Are you looking to select the ideal OS for your networking solution? Contact us to optimise OpenWRT or prplOS for your project.

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