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Network Switches

Network Switch Software and Hardware Design

Network switch software and hardware designed by Promwad help manage network operations and seamlessly connect multiple devices within a local area. We are a vendor-agnostic company and have an unbiased point of view on different switch hardware. 
Promwad has 20 years of hands-on experience with network switch technology and employs SDKs from leading chip vendors. Our team creates new network appliances, network interface controllers (NICs), and embedded software.

Our Services

Our scope of services in managed switching devices includes:
  • Custom board design for multi-port (8/16/24/48) gigabit devices, incorporating required uplinks and specific interfaces
  • Development of network system-level software on top of Microchip IStaX and Marvell CPSS (Prestera Software Suite)
  • Utilisation of switchdev framework
  • Implementation of a new Linux kernel driver model for Ethernet devices
  • Customisation and installation of ONIE (Open Network Install Environment) on target switching hardware
  • Porting of SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud) to various switch platforms
  • OpenSwitch-based software development
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Network Switching Devices We Work With

Discover the network switching solutions our engineers specialise in:

Gigabit network switches
Industrial network switches
PoE network switches
Managed network switches
DIN rail network switches
SFP network switches
Unmanaged network switches
Redundant network switches
Waterproof network switches

Networking Hardware and Equipment

zynqus+ networking 10G udp

Ethernet switching

We design Ethernet switches for manufacturing as an integral part of any intelligent network. Our goal is to create the non-blocking and scalable Ethernet switching equipment, including:
  • Stackable and managed access devices
  • Carrier Ethernet switches/routers/gateways
  • Security appliances
  • Aggregation switches and routers


zynqus+ jesd204b linux adc dac ddr4

Industrial network equipment and IIoT

We design extensible switches and routers for the industrial Internet of Things domain. They support auto-configuration, address learning, forwarding, filtering, and special means to handle QoS. Our clients employ these solutions in factory automation, smart grids, and other industrial environments. Our expertise includes:
  • Solutions for industrial process control
  • Transportation and automotive applications
  • Energy utility systems or smart grid distribution
q-in-q microchip

Selective Q-in-Q

SDK: Microchip IStaX-APPL-2020.09.

Tested on a PCB135 debug board from Microchip on VSC7558. Q-in-Q operates on the Sparx-5 microprocessor family.

Description: Selective Q-in-Q determines the pairing of a given client VLAN (on the UNI side) and the sought S-VLAN identifier. The S-VLAN identifier is joined to the input unmodified C-VLAN, and the packet is forwarded across the ISP's double-tagged network. The S-VLAN ID is removed from the output, and the client VLAN ID is retained in the packet. Packets that do not match the specified client VLANs are discarded by default. 

q-in-q microchip

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

SDK: Microchip IStaX-APPL-2020.09.

Tested on a PCB135 debug board from Microchip on VSC7558. MPLS operates on the Sparx-5 microprocessor family.
Description: MPLS is a packet-forwarding technology which uses labels to make data-forwarding decisions. The biggest advantage of using MPLS is that the Layer 3 header analysis is done just once when the packet enters the MPLS domain. Intermediate routers will not analyse the IP packet, thus saving valuable router resources, and greatly increasing the speed at which packets are forwarded. Label inspection drives subsequent packet forwarding. Further MPLS supports the following applications:
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
  • Traffic Engineering (TE)
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Any Transport over MPLS (AToM)
Additionally, it decreases the forwarding overhead on the core routers.

Features of the Ethernet Switches

Within our Ethernet switch design services, we incorporate the following features:

High-performance, full-featured 3- to 52-port 1/2.5/10 Gbps
ACL for layer 2, 3, and 4 packet processing
Full VLAN and QoS support
Layer 2 and layer 3 forwarding
MEF CE 2.0 Ethernet EVCs
IEEE 1588v2 PTP support
AVB and TTSN support
Low-power and energy-efficient power management
Fault tolerance redundancy engine
Enhanced link diagnostics
OAM, performance monitoring, SAT
MPLS (multiprotocol label switching)
A model range of industrial managed gigabit switch equipment with 8 and 16 ports
a series of managed 16- and 24-port Gigabit switches based on Realtek 83xx chipset
A model range of industrial managed gigabit switch equipment with 8 and 16 ports
a series of managed 16- and 24-port Gigabit switches based on Realtek 83xx chipset

Get Access to Our Expertise in Telecommunications


Collaborating with several contractor partners in network switch design projects to obtain the necessary expertise results in complications, slow communication, and increased labour costs.


After conducting an internal analysis of all our projects (totalling over 350), we observed a rise in mixed project teams by 13-27%, depending on team size. The average volume of such projects is about $146,000, and the client's potential savings are up to $19,000.

Our solution


At least 15% of the working time all our developers spend on training and professional growth without exception.


Our unique business model requires us to face challenges from different technological sectors. That has allowed us to gain in-depth experience, which we share with our clients and partners by forming dedicated teams with mixed expertise.


By partnering with us, clients access not only our core team but also an extensive knowledge base accumulated by Promwad over the years.

Why Promwad


Our close partnerships with vendors, access to top-tier SDKs, and extensive expertise in working on telecom projects give us a competitive edge in the niche.


Our experience allows us to join any network switch development project as fast as possible. At Promwad, we provide flexible cooperation models to meet your needs.


We serve as guides for vendors' SDKs in local markets, offering support to their clients, providing feedback after product implementation, and promoting them within target groups.

Our Tech Map


Ethernet 1G/2.5G/10G/40G/100G, WiFi 5, WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E, BLE and Bluetooth 5.X, DECT, ADSL, SHDSL, RapidIO, Gh.n


Fast-path network processing, hardware-accelerated NAT, Linux DSA, distributed switch architecture, VoIP and telephony SLIC interfacing, DECT, Ethernet packet processing, remote management, TSN and IIoT networks, MPLS

Switch SW

Port speed, duplex mode, flow control, link control, statistics, MIB counters, PoE and PoE+ with LLDP, hotplug SFP detection, QoS traffic classification, port priority


Microchip, Realtek, Marvell, NXP, TI, Broadcom, Centec

Ivan Kuten

"Despite having their own R&D departments and experience with international manufacturers, our clients choose Promwad to elevate their business. They trust our expertise in telecom electronics design and leverage our partnerships with world-leading semiconductor vendors."

— Ivan Kuten, Co-owner & Tech Expert at Promwad

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