WebAssembly in Automotive

WebAssembly (Wasm) is a virtual machine and binary code format primarily used in web applications, embedded systems, and IoT solutions. Now, thanks to its reliability and portability, it is gaining popularity in the development of cross-platform automotive solutions.

Wasm's adoption in automotive was started by such industry leaders as Tesla, and we joined them to keep our clients ahead. Engage our team to create a multi-platform, AI-based, and lightweight data collection software for in-car entertainment, remote management, and ADAS.

Why Choose WebAssembly

Cross-platform deployment
Compact code
Portability by WASI
W3C standard
Compatibility with Qt-based apps
Near-native performance

Application Areas

By enabling rapid data exchange between vehicles and their surroundings, WebAssembly solutions enhance the system responsiveness, facilitating real-time decision-making for connected cars.
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WebAssembly ensures low-latency processing within the vehicle, enhancing safety, monitoring, and analytics features in AI-driven automotive applications, such as ADAS.
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In-vehicle infotainment (IVI) →

WebAssembly's speed and language independence ensure a high-performance user experience within the constraints of automotive computing environments.

Wasm in software-defined vehicles ensures cross-platform compatibility and facilitates architecture development, enabling adaptable software across diverse hardware.
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Explore the Business Value of Wasm

Reduced time to release

Employing WebAssembly, we speed up development, helping automotive companies bring innovations to market quickly and adapt to the fast-paced industry.

Cost-effective development

Due to its benefits, WebAssembly in automotive brings efficiency to the engineering process, resulting in significant cost savings for our clients.  

Responsive to industry needs

Building WebAssembly-driven solutions, you can swiftly respond to evolving demands by rapidly launching feature-rich solutions and anticipating the growing influence of Wasm.

Our Case Studies in Automotive

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