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Qualcomm-Powered Solutions

As a Qualcomm design partner, we leverage their advanced frameworks and chipsets to develop custom IoT systems for various industries, including industrial automation and robotics, automotive, energy, telecommunications, smart home, and video streaming.

By joining the Qualcomm IoT Accelerator Program, which connects software and hardware design service providers, ODMs and system integrators, our team can access advanced Qualcomm technologies to speed up the launch of your industrial and consumer IoT solutions.
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Watch the video to gain a deeper understanding of how Qualcomm customer service and high-performance solutions combined with our engineering expertise can deliver real value across domains.


Benefit from Our Qualcomm-Based Services

Industry-leading processors

Implement cutting-edge processors for exceptional performance and efficiency for your most demanding applications

Business insights

Gain valuable insights into market trends and opportunities to fuel your business growth and stay ahead of the competition

IoT capabilities

Deliver value with high-speed connectivity for secure data transfer and low-power computing for time-sensitive decision making

Technical expertise

Receive expert assistance at every step of the development process, from the initial concept to the final product launch

Software updates

Stay up-to-date with the latest software releases to ensure optimal performance, security, and functionality


Benefit from a thorough documentation library to get your project started and ensure its success

Qualcomm-Based Development for Key Industries



Video and
audio streaming

Industrial Automation &

Discover Our Qualcomm-Powered Solutions

Camera & audio

Custom AI-powered video sensors for production quality control, the automotive industry, and audio and video processing for video surveillance systems.

IVI systems

Android-, Linux-, and QNX-based hardware and software for IVI systems using QSA8155 / QSA8255 platforms, with or without hypervisors.

Location & tracking

IoT tracking sensors with integrated Qualcomm location services for smart parking lots, asset tracking systems, and people counting solutions.

Industrial solutions

Industrial solutions based on Qualcomm chipsets for programmable logic controllers (PLC), data acquisition (DAQ) systems, and human-machine interfaces (HMI).

Robotic systems

Industrial robots, drones, vision and imaging sensors utilising Qualcomm chips and SDKs.

Energy & utilities

Smart solutions for electricity metres, protection relays, data concentrators, smart grids, and power conversion systems (PCS).

Retail & digital signage

AI-powered digital signage systems, point-of-sale devices, interactive kiosks, and solutions with audience recognition and gesture control.

Smart home & building automation

Intelligent systems for managing energy, HVAC, lifts, lighting, building access, and more.

Technologies We Employ


Neural Processing SDK for AI, Computer Vision SDK, Machine Vision SDK, LTE for IoT SDK

Using Qualcomm SDKs, we access comprehensive libraries, tools, and sample code, enabling us to develop high-performance and efficient applications across various domains.

Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK Diagram. Source:

Mesh Wi-Fi solutions

IPQ9574, QCN5024, QCN9274, AQR113C, QCA8081

Qualcomm mesh solutions ensure Wi-Fi 6, 6E, and 7 connectivity, establishing consistent and reliable coverage throughout large or complex areas, effectively eliminating dead spots and weak signal zones.



We integrate Qualcomm chips to create advanced networking and connectivity solutions and design powerful, cost-effective industrial and robotic solutions.

Here are just a few examples from our service profile on Qualcomm:
  • QCA4020 for multi-mode connectivity via dual-band Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Bluetooth 5, Thread, and other 802.15.4-based networks;
  • QCS5430 for premium connectivity in industrial automation and robotics applications;
  • QRB4210 and Qualcomm Robotics RB2 platform for AI-powered  solutions;
  • QRB5165 and Qualcomm Flight RB5 with 5G for low-power, high-performance heterogeneous computing;
  • QCS6490 with multi-OS and Wi-Fi 6E for ruggedised tablets, dash cameras, kiosks, industrial scanners, and human-machine interface systems with reduced latency and accelerated AI.


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