Set-top boxes for digital TV
design & manufacturing

Our clients upgrade their business with new STB devices and embedded software for the broadcasting market.

With our DTV competence center, you can face any engineering challenge and create new DVB, OTT, and IPTV solutions.

Design of telecom equipment
design & manufacturing

Let’s create a cutting-edge and cost-effective network solution for your business.

Stay one step ahead of trends in the telecom market with our partnership with world-leading semiconductor vendors.

Automotive electronics
design & manufacturing

Shape the future of the automotive industry with Promwad!

We design for our clients eco-friendly solutions for electric vehicles, the latest infotainment systems, and fault-tolerant hardware/software platforms for ADAS.

Consumer & IoT gadgets
design & manufacturing

Enter the market with innovative devices to level up your business!

Commissioned by our clients worldwide, we worked on award-winning IoT products that were showcased at the leading high-tech shows: CES, IFA, IBC, etc.

Mass production support
electronics & enclosures

From small volumes to large-scale manufacturing, you can count on quality and on-time delivery with Promwad.

We will launch production in the right place to supply you with prototypes, PCBs, enclosures, or large batches of turnkey devices.

DSP, wireless & neural networks
advanced R&D

Create your breakthrough solutions in digital signal processing (DSP), wireless data transmission, neural networks, and other advanced technologies.

Our deep expertise in advanced R&D allows us to create new modules and specifications for the leading technology companies.

Qoobi One

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Modem 7-in-1

The target market:

Quick facts about us

Promwad is a successful electronic engineering company to create and manufacture your new product for the global IT market. As an official partner of the leading tech vendors, we take over all engineering issues with your business in mind.

in electronics
of experience
3 mln+
Clients’ revenue / profit
growth, total:
$ 1,7 bn / $50 mln

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Our partners and clients:

Our customers use our electronics engineering services to turn their ideas into commercially viable products, we take over all engineering issues with their business in mind. As an official partner of the leading tech vendors, we get priority technical support and integrate into our devices the newest electronic components which have not yet been launched into the mass market.

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