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We are ready to take over your engineering tasks

Our engineers develop all levels of software for electronic devices and embedded systems: from firmware and middleware to user applications and backend solutions.

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We will offer the best choice of FPGA / MPSoC / RFSoC, tailored to your budget, power consumption, and performance: Lattice, AMD (Xilinx), Intel, Microchip, NVidia Jetson, and other AI-powered and edge computing platforms.
We can take on schematic and PCB design, electronics based on SoC and SoM, simulation and analysis, testing and bring-up. Let’s implement the latest technologies into your hardware products.
Our design services are not limited to the sketching and 3D-modelling of your future device with a custom-made enclosure but also include mechanical design, prototyping, and manufacturability analysis.
From small batches to large-scale manufacturing, you can count on high quality and on-time delivery with Promwad. We can launch production across the globe to supply you with prototypes, PCBs, custom enclosures, or fully assembled devices.

Solutions for Your Key Markets

Use our domain-specific expertise to enter your target market with breakthrough solutions

Software for digital TV and set-top boxes; smart TV apps and video streaming platforms; development of AI-based video surveillance systems.


Cutting-edge software and hardware solutions for telecommunication providers, enterprises, and startups: OpenWRT, WiFi 6, VoIP, routers, gateways, and much more.


ASPICE-compliant software and hardware design for EV charging and BMS, ADAS and AI-powered driver monitoring systems, GPS tracking, and dashboard cameras.


Engineering services for the manufacturers of industrial and robotics systems; solutions for motor control, industrial networks, sensors, and power engineering.


Technologies We Use

We collaborate with leading vendors to keep you on the cutting edge of technology


Schematic • PCB Layout • Radio Frequency Design • High Speed Digital Design • PI & SI Simulation



Bare Metal • RTOS • Linux Embedded • Android • Embedded C • C++ • VHDL • Verilog • Python • QT



CAD / CAE • Industrial Design • Plastic Injection • Die Casting • 2k-Injection • Soft-Touch Coating


About us

Promwad is your trusted partner for developing new software and hardware products for the global markets. Powered by leading tech vendors, we drive our clients' businesses by solving challenging engineering problems.

We are headquartered in Lithuania. Our engineering and delivery offices are located in Germany, Latvia, Poland, and Serbia.

Facts About Promwad
Roman Pakholkov

“We take on our clients' projects because we believe in their commercial potential. And our experience and deep tech expertise make it all possible!”

Roman Pakholkov
Founder & Co-owner at Promwad
Ivan Kuten

“We take care of all engineering issues so that our customers can focus on their core competencies in marketing and sales of their new products designed at Promwad.”

Ivan Kuten
Co-owner & Tech Expert
  • Clients about Promwad
Kind. Trustworthy. Professional

TV7 was established 20 years ago by my father. We had mobile applications that were done in-house. Promwad was in contact with our Swedish office, and I thought: “Well, let's try. I need new, better versions for Android and iOS.”

We used the Flutter technology to do one code base and compile it to both platforms. And now the project is complete, and we are very happy and satisfied with the result.

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Channel Manager at Heaven TV7
They were very knowledgeable about the provided solutions
As a result of collaboration, Promwad successfully delivered the first product. The team regularly held weekly meetings to discuss feedback and utilized email for follow-ups. Furthermore, they were knowledgeable in providing solutions.
CTO, iPronics Programmable Photonics (Spain)
Equal level of professionalism spread over a number of technical expertise
Promwad eradicated the pain-points associated with complex development projects. The client received the project within the agreed schedule. Above all, they took the initiative to present their ideas and maintained exceptional communication with the company. They impressed us with their equal level of professionalism spread over a number of technical expertise.
Co-Founder, JVL Labs (Canada)
A serious grasp of Linux

We have been working with Promwad for more than 3 years and their service has always been very good. During this time, they have provided us with top notch hardware and software designs and proposals, some demonstrating a serious grasp of embedded Linux issues. They have a very efficient program management process, which guarantees the correct result. So would we use Promwad again? Yes, of course!

Chief Executive Officer (Switzerland)
They deliver quick solutions to us — it’s great to have that kind of partner
The collaboration with Promwad has been successful, helping the client streamline their efforts and deliver work on time. The team is dedicated to meeting deadlines and working within the budget. Their communicative, available approach makes them easy to work with.
Senior Software Project Manager, Vestel (Türkiye)
Working together with the team is very pleasant
Promwad continues to supplement the project with their development expertise, much to the client's delight. The team is highly efficient from a project management standpoint, and internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with the vendor's dynamic work culture and dynamic.
CTO, NativeWaves GmbH (Austria)
They provided a fast and efficient way of communication
Promwad completed the client's radio-electronic components research, schematics, schema, PCB design, and more. Their agile project management methodology impressed the client. The team was also flexible and has excellent leadership abilities. 
CEO, iomico (USA)
Up to 300%

TAO WellShell is a unique mobile electronic device one can exercise with anywhere, anytime. It connects wirelessly to iOS, Android, and PCs.

Promwad’s engineers analyzed our software and hardware platforms and offered small but effective changes to increase battery life over three times – which would save our customers several hundred recharging sessions over the lifetime of the device.

Chief Product Officer
Problem solvers

At Kino-mo, we have developed the 3D Holo-Display to project 3D images in the air. We turned to Promwad to manufacture new samples of our displays with microprocessors and HD video playback.

Everything was ready as early as two weeks after receiving the components. Promwad manufactured the boards, set up the building process and performed a final quality inspection.

CEO & Co-founder, HYPERVSN (UK)
A great job!

I’m truly satisfied with our cooperation with Promwad. We have completed two projects: one for the automotive industry and the other for the consumer business.

I was positively surprised by the achievements of their software team on various platforms. They showed strong low-level programming skills and found solutions to intricate issues.

Chief Technical Officer, Parrot (France)
Alongside with leaders
Teaming up with Promwad experts, we have managed to create our new IPTV set-top box in the shortest possible time. In four months, we finished the product trial sample. Ten months later, we launched the production of dozens of thousands of STBs based on this design. Today, our product competes on an equal footing with Aminet and Motorola.

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