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Custom Android Application Development

At Promwad, we build robust Android apps of any complexity. Whether your project is just starting or well underway, our seasoned developers are here to attain your business targets and deliver exceptional user experiences.

From initial consulting to post-release maintenance, we offer custom Android app development services for businesses across various industries. Our team creates high-performing apps that work flawlessly on all Android devices.

Services We Provide

Empower your business with cutting-edge Android application development solutions.

Android App Consulting Services


Our Android app consulting services help businesses identify the most effective way to leverage app development, drive growth, and enhance user engagement. Our experts work closely with you to comprehensively understand your business objectives and provide the appropriate strategies to achieve them.

We identify the right technology stack for your project and provide recommendations on languages, frameworks and other development tools, ensuring that your app will be scalable, secure, and optimised for performance.

Custom Android App Development Services


We offer custom Android app development services for mobile, TV, tablet, and wearable devices. Our experienced developers leverage the latest technologies and integrate your app with third-party APIs, databases, and cloud services. As a result, you will get a high-quality and feature-rich Android solution. 

We configure your apps for rapid load times and intuitive navigation, provide a seamless user experience across all devices, and align with your unique vision.

Android App UI/UX Design Services


Employing the user-centric approach, we provide UI/UX design services that are focused on creating interactive, responsive, and user-friendly interfaces. 

Our designers cooperate with the development team to ensure their graphical interface is flawlessly integrated into the application and comprehensively addresses the client's needs.

We use the latest design tools to create UI/UX compatible with all devices and platforms used by your target audience.

Android App Update Services


Promwad offers update services to keep your app up-to-date with the latest features, innovative technologies, and security measures. We identify the areas for improvement, develop an action plan, and implement the necessary changes to enhance your app.

By collaborating with us, you receive regular updates to maintain your app’s value for users and keep it competitive. 

Our team also assists you in optimising your application for the latest platforms and devices, ensuring it stays up-to-date and aligned with your current business requirements.

Android App Testing Services


We provide comprehensive Android app testing services to guarantee the highest quality of your solutions. Our specialists utilise advanced tools and appropriate QA & QC methods to address the application's technical and design issues.

We conduct functional, non-functional, usability, performance, and regression testing to guarantee that your app is stable, secure, easy to use, and performs flawlessly across all devices.

Android App Maintenance & Support Services


Maintaining your Android app after the release is crucial in today’s highly competitive market. Our team updates, secures, and optimises your app for peak performance and ensures it remains compatible with all relevant devices.

We also provide regular security patches to keep your app safe and reliable. Employing our ongoing maintenance and support services, you can drastically reduce downtime, refine functionality, and enhance user engagement.


Our Principles for Android Native App Development

Adhering to Material Design guidelines

The Material Design system developed by Google aims to create a consistent user experience across all Android devices. We follow it to ensure your app meets these standards, delivers engaging interfaces, and provides a seamless user journey.

Optimising for all Android devices

The Android platform powers a wide range of devices available in the market. We establish compatibility with different screen sizes, hardware specifications, and Android versions to optimise your app's operability across all relevant devices.

Utilising Android APIs and cloud services

We integrate various Android APIs and cloud services such as Google Pay, Maps, Analytics, Fit, Admob, Assistant, Android Auto, In-app Billing, Firebase Cloud Messaging, and more to support advanced functionality and a growing user base.

Following Android-specific security rules

We follow Android-specific security rules to protect your app from threats and ensure user data security. Our team implements cyber security measures such as data encryption, two-factor authentication, and frequent security patches.

Supporting your Google Play release

Promwad’s experts are well-versed in the policies and guidelines of the Google Play Store, so all applications we develop for our clients meet the requirements. Once your app is ready, we guide you through the submission and publishing process.

Analysing feedback and performance

After your app is published, our team continuously monitors its performance and analyses user feedback to uncover areas of enhancement. Providing support services, we maintain your app relevance and meet the changing needs of your target audience.

Our Tech Stack


Android Studio


Kotlin, Java, C++


Android SDK, Android NDK


Bluetooth LE

Popular libraries

Foundation: Android Jetpack, Hilt, RxJava, Kotlin Coroutines and Flow | Networking: Retrofit, OkHttp | Image loading: Glide, Picasso, Coil | Databases and ORMs: SQLite, Room | Multimedia: ExoPlayer | Unit and instrumented tests: JUnit, Mockito, MockK, Espresso, Roboelectric.


Google Cloud; Firebase (Analytics, Cloud Messaging, Firestore, and more)

Why Promwad

Clear estimates

We assess the project indicatively and work iteratively with regular reports for our clients. Thus, we ensure the project stays within budget and is delivered on time.

Proven track record

Promwad is a trusted tech partner for clients from diverse industries. We constantly refine our workflows and stay up-to-date with innovations to deliver the best results.

Complex integrations

Our engineers integrate payment gateways, location-based services, social media, and other APIs for chatbots, machine learning, image recognition, and more.

Do you need a quote for your Android app development?

Drop us a line about your project! We will contact you today or the next business day. All submitted information will be kept confidential.


What programming languages are used in Android app development?


Software engineers can use a variety of programming languages, including Java, Kotlin, and C++, for Android native app development.

Java has always been a traditional language for this task. Kotlin, on the other hand, has gained popularity in recent years due to its concise syntax, improved type inference, and support for functional programming constructs. Also, Kotlin is interoperable with Java. 

As for C++, it is used in certain situations, such as developing high-performance apps or games.


What is Kotlin, and why is it popular for Android app development?


Kotlin is a modern, open-source programming language designed to interoperate with Java and the Java Virtual Machine. And Google fully supports it. 

Kotlin is popular for Android app development solutions because it offers many benefits over Java, such as enhanced type safety, improved code readability, and better support for null safety. It also provides features such as extension functions, lambdas, and coroutines that make coding more accessible and efficient. That is why Kotlin app development services are a key area of our work on Android solutions.


How do I hire Android app developers for my project?


When it comes to hiring Android app developers, following a few key steps can make the process smoother.


  • Define your project requirements and goals clearly.

  • Look for developers with relevant experience and the technologies required for your project.

  • Check their portfolios and reviews from previous clients to assess their skills and expertise.

  • Interview the candidates to evaluate their communication skills and overall fit.

  • Once you have selected developers, agree on the scope of work, timelines, and payment terms before starting the project.

At Promwad, you can hire dedicated Android app developers or use a project-based approach to create your software solution. Our versatile specialists have the skills and expertise required to provide end-to-end Android app development services and can jump in at any stage of your project. With our team, you can rest assured that your project is in capable hands.


How do you ensure the security of the app and user data?


At Promwad, we implement industry best practices to guarantee user data security and provide reliable Android mobile app development services. Here are some of the measures we take:


  • Use secure coding practices to prevent vulnerabilities and mitigate security risks.

  • Employ encryption techniques to protect sensitive data in transit and at rest.

  • Utilise secure authentication methods to ensure only authorised users can access the app and its data.

  • Perform regular security audits to identify and remediate vulnerabilities.

  • Establish compliance with relevant security and privacy regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.


Additionally, we follow the security guidelines provided by Google, which include using secure connections, avoiding insecure data storage, and properly managing user permissions. Our developers stay up-to-date with the latest security threats and vulnerabilities and take proactive steps to address them as needed.