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by Lattice

Lattice-Based Development Services

Promwad is proud to be a trusted partner of the Lattice Semiconductor company, a leading provider of low-power programmable products. Official partnership grants direct access to Lattice's latest technologies and priority technical support, enabling us to create cutting-edge software and hardware solutions for our clients.

Lattice offers a variety of components and technologies for different sectors, including edge computing, industrial, automotive, and communications. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Lattice Semi is known for its commitment to innovation and quality and extensive expertise in FPGA design.

Accelerate Product Development with Lattice Technologies

High performance

Suitable for edge computing, video processing, networking, and data centre acceleration


Ideal for power-conscious applications


Low-cost development kits and evaluation boards


Built-in security features protect against diverse threats


Embedded AI/ML engines, high-speed I/O, low-latency interfaces, and mixed-signal capabilities

Easy to use

Software tools and development kits for quick setup


Can be used in automotive, industrial, and communications

Long lifecycle

Availability for 10+ years, perfect for extended product lifespan

Our Tech Stack

We adhere to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards and employ cutting-edge technologies for software development, hardware design, prototyping, and mass production.

Industrial Engineering & Networking

Power system engineering, controllers and PLCs, network protocols and security
→ More about industrial engineering & networking

Embedded Firmware & Custom Software Development

Design of MCU firmware, device drivers and board support packages (BSP)
→ More about embedded firmware & custom software development

Video Processing, AI & Machine Vision

RTP streaming, AI neural networks and ML, human-machine interfaces (HMI)
→ More about video processing, AI & Machine Vision


ASIC design, hardware customisation, DSP cores in Matlab Simulink, performance acceleration, AI
→ More about Lattice-based FPGA design

Hardware design

PCBs, SoM, carrier boards, interfaces / PCB design and layout, high-speed PCB design and simulation, JTAG testing
→ More about hardware design

Our Expertise



  • Develop SoMs with CPU, NPU & FPGA chips
  • Design hybrid ARM-based SoC + FPGA systems
  • Design FPGA cross-bridges & IPs for high-speed massive data transfer
  • Design FPGA-based smart sensing devices for robotics & smart cities


System software

System Software

  • Linux BSP for RISCV/ARM
  • Image software processing & machine vision SDKs on Linux for RISCV/ARM
  • Training custom AI models, running multiple models in parallel
  • Porting AI on hardware by Lattice, Ambarella, Nvidia, NXP, Renesas, Xilinx, etc.


IP design

IP design

  • Accelerator IPs/ISP, video & audio codecs, drivers
  • Interface IPs/MIPI-CSI, DSI, I3C, network, etc.
  • FPGA simulation / verification / UVM & testing
  • Cloud/GCP, AWS, Azure backend & frontend development


Our Case Studies on Lattice-Based Designs

Bootloader Development


We developed a bootloader for the NX FPGA family by Lattice with the support of the external QSPI flash memory in Quad SPI mode to speed up application copying. The SDRAM IP core was adapted to the NX architecture to use it with the RISC-V synthesisable core.


Frame Synchroniser Development


We designed a system to synchronise SDI from 270 Mbit to 12 Gbit, based on 676 pins FPGA with x32 bit memory (DDR4).

Key feature: 10 layers 1.3mm thick PCB with the standard loss FR-4 material, the Via-in-Pad technology.

Other case studies: 

Video Decoding and Output to TFT Panel


We designed a cost-effective video processing solution ion low-cost Lattice ECP chips, including FPGA firmware for receiving video streams from various sources via Ethernet/DSI/HDMI.

Key features: FPGA-embedded Gigabit Ethernet switch + converter of parallel video interface to LVDS/CSI.

Interfaces: video parallel RGB | LVDS display | CSI + SDI

AI Algorithms Implementation


Here are the AI algorithms we implement in the video surveillance systems for our clients:

  • Face detection, recognition,  tracking
  • License plate recognition, 2/4-wheeled vehicles
  • Driver behaviour monitoring & assistance
  • Motion detection, line crossing, virtual fences, exclusion/invasion zones
  • People counting, discriminated people counting
  • Capacity control, people loitering, crowd detection
  • Objects left and objects removed

Our Collaborative Journey


Lattice-Powered Engineering

We implemented our first engineering project based on Lattice Semiconductor FPGA chips.


Ecosystem Integration Deal

Negotiation with Lattice and integration into their business ecosystem.


Official Partnership Formed

Promwad and Lattice became official partners and collaborated on creating an IP bootloader (designed in 3 months).


Embedded World Exhibit

We participate in the Embedded World exhibition in Nürnberg together.

ui kit

Ongoing Cooperative Projects

Promwad is refining the IP bootloader and working on the FDR4 project with the Lattice Semiconductor company.

Our Collaborative Event

Promwad and Lattice participated together in the Embedded World 2023 exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany. At the event, we showcased our joint capabilities, the projects we worked on, and our engineering approach to real-time traffic and resource monitoring in urban spaces. This exhibition allowed us to strengthen our partnership, gain valuable insights into the latest trends and technologies, and connect with other industry professionals.
→ More about this event


Lattice Insights

We employ Lattice Insights, an educational program offered by Lattice Semiconductor, to train our developers on the latest advancements and our partner's product features. This program provides our team with in-depth technical knowledge, which we can apply to our Lattice-based engineering projects and ensure that we are up-to-date with the best practices in the industry.


Interested in starting a Lattice-based engineering project?

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