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Automotive Software Development

Since 2004, we have been engineering custom automotive electronics: embedded systems for cars, trucks, sea and river vessels.

Our portfolio includes successful projects for American and European automotive concerns: in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), OBD trackers, engine control units, navigation systems and other electronics.

Devices and embedded systems

We help our customers create products for local and global markets: "connected" cars, ICE systems (In-Car Entertainment), integrated solutions for specialized vehicles based on the IoT technologies (Internet of Things).

Our embedded automotive solutions meet the stringent requirements of the industry. We design hardware platforms for uninterrupted operation under harsh conditions and write program code for fault-tolerant embedded systems.

Besides, we are now focused on providing to our clients emerging solutions in telematics & GPS tracking, and custom dash cam development.

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Automotive software development

We develop software in compliance with the AUTOSAR and MISRA industry standards. Using special software testing methodologies, we create extremely reliable systems. Examples of our developments:

Interfaces based on Embedded Linux, QT

Software for dashboards and sensor networks

Infotainment systems on Linux and Android

Development of diagnostic and test tools

Software compatible with AUTOSAR and MISRA

Image and video processing systems

Software compatible with AUTOSAR, MISRA, and ASPICE


AUTOSAR, Automotive Open System Architecture

AUTOSAR is an international partnership in the development of an open and standardized software architecture for automotive electronic control units (ECUs). The goal of this partnership is to ensure the availability, security, scalability, and portability of software platforms for vehicles; guarantee maintainability throughout the life cycle of the product.


MISRA, Motor Industry Software Reliability Association

MISRA is an association of vehicle manufacturers, component suppliers, and engineering companies, established to provide software reliability in the automotive industry. One of the standards – MISRA C – was designed to promote the security, portability and reliability of programs for embedded systems in the C language.


ASPICE, Automotive Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination

ASPICE is a domain-specific quality model under ISO/IEC 15504. ASPICE serves for software engineers to define, implement, and evaluate the automotive industry product development process. We bring value to our clients by evolving demands satisfaction, risk reduction, and quality assurance. We've are planning to complete ACPICE L2 capability level.

portable black box for an automobile
portable black box for an automobile
Android device for automotive GPS/GLONASS navigation and communication
Android device for automotive GPS/GLONASS navigation and communication
Android device for automotive GPS/GLONASS navigation and communication
Android device for automotive GPS/GLONASS navigation and communication
Enclosure Design for a Car Alarm Key Fob
Enclosure Design for a Car Alarm Key Fob
the controller of an electric traction device that was developed for subway carriages
the controller of an electric traction device that was developed for subway carriages

What automotive areas we can support with IoT?

In-car infotainment

– music and video streaming
– newsfeeds & weather info
– entertainment & edutainment
– turn-by-turn navigation
– points of interests locator
– traffic jam alerts
– location-based ads

Data analysis

– tracking infotainment apps usage
– big data analytics of accidents
– visualization, real-time reporting
– proactive alerting & notifications
– telematics for auto insurance
– assessment of driving skills
– maintenance history

Safety & ADAS

– in-lane position control
– parking assistance
– speeding control
– tracking of seat belt usage
– prevention of drowsiness
– avoidance of collision

Cloud solutions

– integration with smart home & office
– cloud-connected vehicles
– GPS-enabled augmented reality
– autonomous & semi-autonomous vehicles
– HVAC & lock management
– car-on-demand & navigation services

Fleet management

– tracking of fuel & vehicle location
– workload management
– management of leased or rented vehicles
– scheduling of usage & maintenance
– optimization of logistics

Proactive maintenance

– pre-production vehicle testing
– A/B testing & fault detection
– remote diagnostics & tech support
– real-time vehicle health monitoring

Why Promwad



Close partnership with vendors, access to the best SDKs, extensive automotive portfolio, and deep expertise gives us a strong competitive advantage on the market



Our experience allows us to enroll in any kind of automotive projects as fast as possible. At the same time, we are ready to provide flexible cooperation models



We can act as a guide for vendors' SDKs in local markets. We provide support to the vendors' clients, leave feedback after working with products, and popularize them in target groups

Our tech map





Telematics modules



AAC, AVI, H.264, JPEG, JPEG2000, MP3, MPEG 1 / 2 / 4, OGG Media, OGG Vorbis, RTP, WMA


Texas Instruments, Fujitsu, Xilinx, STMicroelectronics, Intel, NXP, Analog Devices


Automotive: OBD, CAN, FR, LIN, MOST, IDB1394; Multimedia: LAN, Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, MMC

Automotive devices and software on edge


Designing and bringing an innovative automotive product or software solutions to the market is always associated with high risks. Customers don't have the necessary expertise, as it can only be worked out in similar projects.


We participate in many innovative projects with technologies on edge. That helped us work out an effective risk management policy. Projects connected with innovations always bring along high risks. The average volume of such projects is around $300,000 - 400,000. Cooperation with us allows the client to save above $100,000. The client can use those savings to form the component base and the testing equipment.

Our solution


High quality of service; increased speed of project implementation; assistance in the implementation into the final solution.


Time and money savings in turnkey projects; QA at all stages and quick bug fixing; project management.


Flexible cooperation models; growth mutually with the client; quick resolution of the client's sudden tasks; integration of ready-made solutions.

"We are grateful to Promwad for fruitful cooperation during the embedded software development for the body control unit, which was designed according to the international ISO TS-16949 standard."

— Alexander Dolozov, Automotive Embedded Software Manager at NPO Itelma 

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