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PCB Design Services

Our flexible approach and 20 years of expertise ensure rapid design and layout for your PCB project

Printed circuit board (PCB) design services at Promwad encompass engineering of various PCBs, including analog and digital, single- and double-sided, and multilayer with BGA packages.

Our engineers also offer you high-speed PCB manufacturing for complex boards in a multi-user mode. This ensures quick turnaround time of development without compromising quality.

Let's design together: your idea, our expertise!

Solutions We Offer as a PCB Design Company

Our custom PCB design services guarantee a seamless transition from development to production, meeting both client’s specifications and industry standards. 

1. Design of various PC boards:

  • Analogue, digital, high-frequency
  • One and two-sided PCBs
  • Multilayer boards with BGA packaged, with blind and buried vias

2. SI/PI analysis, simulations and 3D modelling

3. Compliance with DFM, DFA, DFT, and the international IPC standards

4. Custom PCB manufacturing and assembly services


Results of our PCB Layout Design Services

You will receive all project documentation for the mass production launch:

  • Project file compatible with the design environment
  • Files for РСВ production (Gerber 274-X, CAM350, ODB++)
  • PCB documentation, including mounting drawing, datasheet, and РСВ drawing, compliant with IPC standards or client requirements
PCB design Promwad

What are the Benefits of DFM, DFA, and DFT Compliance?

  • Lower cost of circuit board assembly and manufacturing
  • Shorter production time
  • Higher quality of mass-produced circuit boards
  • Circuit board’s reliability and increased acceptance rate during mass production
  • Testing acceptability for ICT and JTAG

Stages of PCB Layout Development

The circuit design services involve a seven-stage process: from initial data collection to acceptance.During the whole hardware design cycle, we take into account IPC standards, DFT and DFM requirements and analyse the device's thermal operating mode.

What Our Clients Say

"Promwad completed the client's radio-electronic components research, schematics, schema, PCB design, and more. Their agile project management methodology impressed the client. The team was also flexible and has excellent leadership abilities."

Mikalaj Murziankou
Mikalaj Murziankou
CEO, iomico (USA)

"We are impressed by the speed of the schematic design. Even in the cases when the requirements are not fully defined, they are able to suggest a solution and discuss it to come to the final solution quickly. We appreciate that professionalism very much."

Dominika Oblak
Dominika Oblak
Head of Project Office, Dewesoft (Slovenia)

Why Choose Promwad

Rapid delivery

We ensure fixed deadlines and budgets, ensure independent project evaluation, and commit to your success and faster product launch.

Strong expertise

Hundreds of completed PCB design projects in diverse domains with smooth-running processes, regular feedback and timely approval.

End-to-end solutions

Our services cover 3D design, and hardware, software, and embedded system development. Let's discuss your business goals and expectations.

How We Work With You

Initial assessment
Initial assessment
Please fill out the form below so we can acquaint ourselves with the concept of your future solution. Once a non-disclosure agreement is signed, our team will conduct a preliminary project evaluation, gathering requirements and analysing market competitors.
Project planning
Project planning
  • We confirm project requirements, create a technical specification, and establish budget and deadlines.
  • Engineers and managers finalise project evaluation, determine required resources, and schedule workload.
Development phase
  • The development process includes component selection, schematic and PCB layout design, and prototype creation.
  • Simultaneously, our engineers execute firmware development, simulations, and 3D modelling.
  • Providing regular client reports, we ensure adaptable service provision to evolving needs.
Testing and compliance
  • We conduct comprehensive hardware and firmware testing to eliminate bugs and ensure compliance with industry standards.
  • Tests are performed under relevant operating conditions, including those required for product certification.
  • If necessary, we make PCB modifications to address any identified issues.
Technical support
Manufacturing support
  • Our team prepares final documentation for mass production, including the bill of materials.
  • If needed, we can assist our clients in selecting a manufacturer for their devices.

Our Locations

Based in Europe, Promwad serves clients worldwide. With our cross-industry expertise spanning automotive, digital TV and video streaming, industrial automation, and telecom, our team of over 100 engineers and managers is prepared to tackle any of your business challenges.




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