Welcome to the Promwad team


Welcome to the Promwad Team

Our Values and Divisions

Promwad divisions and values

1. Software Development Center

Our Software Development Center implements large long-term projects for video streaming, telecom, digital TV and automotive electronics.

Here are our job opportunities for Russian-speaking software engineers in Europe (projects in video streaming):

С++ Developer

2. Promwad Engineering

Our engineering center creates new devices, hardware and software platforms.

Here are our job opportunities for Russian-speaking engineers and designers in Europe:

IT Project Manager

2.1 Adaptive Computing Systems Department

FPGA Software Engineer

2.2 Automotive Electronics Department

Embedded Developer

C++ Software Engineer

2.3 Telecom Department

Network Software Engineer

3. Sales Department

Our Sales Department attracts new projects, concludes contracts and takes care of our customers.

If you haven't found a job opportunity for yourself but still want to work with us, feel free to apply anyway. We will contact you if we have a new position that's a good fit for you now or in the future!

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