References of Our Clients

A great job!

"I was also positively surprised by the achievements of Promwad software team on various platforms. They showed strong skills in low-level programming and found solutions on very intricate issues"

Guillaume Pinto promwad
Guillaume Pinto
Chief Technical Officer, Parrot
Great competence

"From the very moment I got acquainted with Promwad I can't stop being astonished by their great competence and ability to master new technologies"

Alexey Ivanov
Technical marketing consultant, JTAG
Pleased with the results

"Promwad developed a new application for our Marvell PlugСomputer based on CPU Sheeva and OS Linux."

Arkady Katz
Sr. Director, Marvell
Tech savvy

"The experts of Promwad solved all the technical problems independently, that is why we could save time while managing the project."

Marya Yarkina
Chief Marketing Officer, JTGroup

NXP Connect Partner

"I've been working with them for years now and can confirm their successful design completions with customers in my region."

Peter Racko promwad
Peter Racko
Manager at Eastern Europe Freescale
A world-class product

"Our task was to localize Korean PageOne reader. Now, I am sure that the quality of our software stands this device at the same level as products of the market leaders."

Anton Shaleynikov
CEO, SemiDevices

Effective cooperation

"Texas Instruments certainly believes that long experience and qualification of Promwad's specialists will be a firm basis for further effective cooperation"

Anatoly Dudnikov promwad
Anatoly Dudnikov
Head of Representative Offices, Texas Instruments
Problem solvers

"At Kino-mo, we have developed the 3D Holo-Display, an innovative product which makes it possible to project 3-D images in the air. We turned to Promwad with the task of manufacturing new samples"

Kiryl Chykeyuk
Founder at Hypervsn
A serious grasp of Linux

"We have been working with Promwad for more than 3 years and their service has always been very good. During this time, they have provided us with top notch hardware and software designs"

Landry Philippe
Chief Executive Officer, Incyma

A reliable partner

"Promwad has proven to be a reliable and professional partner. High qualification and practical experience of its employees allowed them to grasp a new solution in a short time"

Mikhail Nikitin promwad
Mikhail Nikitin
Senior Business Development Manager, STMicroelectronics
Open-minded leaders

"Due to open-minded leaders, drive to innovation and flexible management of this company, we were able to develop our cooperation easily."

Serge Shchedrin
Brand manager, MT System
Up to 300%

"They offered a smart solution for our product. Small but effective changes in software and circuit design increased battery life over 3 times!"

Angel Vassilev
Chief Product Officer, TAO Wellness
The right choice

"I considered several alternative design houses in Europe, but taking into account all the parameters Promwad was the best. I think that it is the right choice for start-ups with financing."

Alexander Frolov
Investor and serial entrepreneur

Alongside with leaders

"Today, our IPTV STB is available at the market and competes on an equal footing with products by the world's leading manufacturers, such as Aminet and Motorola."

Igor Rumyantsev promwad
Igor Rumyantsev
CTO & Co-Founder, SmartLabs

An East-West bridge

"Highly skilled engineers, excellent understanding of many electronic tasks in hardware and software are just a few of many good attributes."

Johannes Horvath promwad
Johannes Horvath
Technical business development manager, Analog Devices
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