Our client testimonials

Our company sets the bar rather high for quality, especially for projects in the field of automotive applications. Historically, we have long considered Promwad, on the recommendation of one of the largest European manufacturers of electronic components, as a business partner in developing software for embedded systems.

The project turned out to be quite lengthy due to the amount of work that had to be done, and complex in terms of achieving its objectives. One of these objectives was to ensure application-level compatibility of the developed software with the current software version used in the batch-manufactured product, that is to ensure complete functional identity of the two hardware platforms for the upper programming level.

The Promwad team met our expectations and successfully handled all the tasks, such as the porting of a real time operating system to a new 32-bit platform, as well as the creation and debugging of lower and middle-level drivers in a product with a brand-new elements base.

Thanks to their high qualifications, Promwad engineers adjusted the product's electric circuit according to the project requirements, and solved technical problems related to hardware compatibility. We were pleased with the quality of their services and their ability to solve challenging tasks, as well as pleasantly surprised by the level of management.

I would like to thank the Promwad team for their quality and, most importantly, timely services! This is our first experience of working with Promwad, so I would be happy to expand our partnership under new projects.

Director for Business Relations with Key Customers, PT Electronics (Russia)
Aleksandr Borodulin

TAO WellShell is a unique mobile electronic device one can exercise with anywhere, anytime. WellShell connects wirelessly to iOS, Android devices, and PCs, allowing over 50 Variobics™ exercises.

At TAO, we always strive to improve our products, so although we had reached your initial goal of the one day recharging period, we went for increasing it as much as possible without changing the bill of materials. This task required an engineering partner with a profound understanding of the existing hardware and capability to optimize it in a reliable, efficient and timely manner, so we ended up hiring Promwad.

Promwad’s engineers analyzed our software and hardware platforms and offered a smart solution by reducing power consumption in operation and sleep modes. Small but effective changes in software and circuit design increased battery life over three times – which would save our customers several hundred recharging sessions over the lifetime of the device.

Promwad supported this remarkable engineering solution with appropriate communication and documentation that allowed us to implement the design in a very short timeframe, as to present it at CES Las Vgas’2016.

We were highly satisfied with this outcome, and we would safely consider Promwad for any challenging engineering endeavor in TAO’s future.

Chief Product Officer (USA)
Angel Vassilev

At Kino-mo, we have developed the 3D Holo-Display, an innovative product which makes it possible to project 3-D images in the air. We turned to Promwad with the task of manufacturing new samples of the 3D Holo-Display. These are fully functional computers with microprocessors and support for real-time HD video playback.

At the first stage of our partnership, we ordered three production samples of the device. Everything was ready as early as two weeks after receiving the components. Promwad experts manufactured the boards, as well as set up the building process and a final quality inspection.

The next stage involved launching the first pilot batch of 34 devices. In the course of the production process, we encountered some difficulties with ensuring build quality and the delivery of the components was delayed for a week. The Promwad team kept us posted on the progress and offered solutions for each problem we faced.

This was an interesting experience which helped us get a better grasp of the intricacies of manufacturing. We liked the fact that Promwad is prepared to handle small batches of unconventional devices. Such orders are bound up with risks, but Promwad manufacturing engineers know how to solve problems and overcome difficulties. This is the skill needed to work with new products.

Co-founder, Kino-mo (UK)
Kiryl Chykeyuk

I’m truly satisfied with our cooperation with Promwad design center. Our work together started only two years ago but two projects of electronic devices design – one for the automotive industry and the other one  for the consumer business – are already successfully completed.

Parrot is an innovative company operating in  a  technology intensive environment. As a result our technical requirements are very demanding and sometimes changing. Promwad engineers did a great job in meeting these technical standards and showed the required flexibility when needed. The  hardware  team reached the proper performances even with the cost-efficient electronic components specified by Parrot. I was also positively surprised by the achievements of Promwad software team on various platforms. They showed strong skills in low-level programming and found solutions on very intricate issues. The team  adopted  a proactive  approach and had good proposals  to improve the products’ software design.

If the opportunity arises again, I would be happy to start a new project with Promwad.

Chief Technical Officer (France)
Guillaume Pinto

In an attempt to maintain our market leadership, we cannot afford to lag behind even slightly in product functionality and reliability. That is why we chose the Promwad Innovation Company to develop a new IPTV set-top box for us. This project has become one of the crucial stages in our company’s development. Teaming up with Promwad experts, we have managed to create the new product in the shortest possible time. Four months after the start of the development, we finished the product trial sample. Ten months later, we launched the production of dozens of thousands of STBs based on this design.

Today, our IPTV set-top box is available at the market and competes on an equal footing with products by the world’s leading manufacturers, such as Aminet and Motorola.

Technical director, SmartLabs (Russia)
Igor Rumyantsev

Right after our cooperation with Promwad started, we realized that we had gained a reliable and solid partner. High level of professionalism and flexibility in decision making let us to build the team capable of solving complicated technical tasks, working closely together with the client, planning work activities and carrying out its obligations. 

Thanks to Promwad specialists, the project was delivered in time and of the highest standard. The initially small project for one of our clients was expanded and successfully implemented into industrial application. 

Having such a positive experience, we will gladly continue collaborating with Promwad, relying on their expertise and experience. 

Production Director ISsoft (USA)
Sinkevich Eugene

We have been working with Promwad for more than 3 years and their service has always been very good. During this time, they have provided us with top notch hardware and software designs and proposals, some demonstrating a serious grasp of embedded Linux issues. They have a very efficient program management process, which guarantees the correct result. So would we use Promwad again? Yes, of course!

Chief executive officer, Incyma (Switzerland)
Landry Philippe

I want to mention the high level of proficiency of Promwad Innovation Company that worked on our project. It has developed excellent technical solutions in full compliance with the specifications. And transparency of company processes and its approach to work have made a very favourable impression.

Manager of the direction of Locus Pro, LLC (Russia)
Vladislav Lvov

OJSC “MINSK RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF RADIOMATERIALS” has been developing and manufacturing components for microwave engineering based upon semiconductors and deals with other scientific and technical problems including portable medical electronic devices.

We requested Promwad to create the first glucometer of Belarusian production that will equally compete with foreign devices. Promwad’s engineers solved the following tasks: verification and industrial design improvement of the glucometer, industrial design development and production launch of the pilot batch.

In the process of the project implementation, unexpected hardships emerged which were successfully and promptly solved due to high qualification and experience of our partners in Promwad. The pilot batch of the glucometers came into the market, and we had positive reviews.

At the present time our cooperation has come into a long-term phase; we are launching production of new batches of the device. We are deeply grateful to Promwad team and hope for long cooperation.

The Associate Director of OJSC “Minsk Research Institute Of Radiomaterials” (Belarus)
A.V. Shtyrov

We would like to thank Promwad Electronics Design House for their professionalism, high quality, a very short time to develop and manufacture our device. The cooperation with your team can qualitatively improve products’ parameters and surpass foreign counterparts. We hope for our fruitful cooperation in the future.

Managing director of LEMT, a Scientific and Technical Centre of BelOMA, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences
Aleksey Petrovich Shkadarevich

NPP Itelma, a leading developer and manufacturer of automotive components in Russia, is grateful to the Promwad Electronics Design House for fruitful cooperation during the project to develop the embedded software of the body control unit.

Promwad's team successfully coped with the tasks of RTOS porting to a new 32-bit PowerPC hardware, low-level drivers implementation for the control unit, which was developed according to the international ISO TS-16949 standard.

Automotive Embedded Software Manager
Alexander Dolozov