References of Our Clients

Kind. Trustworthy. Professional

"TV7 was established 20 years ago by my father. We had mobile applications that were done in-house. Promwad was in contact with our Swedish office, and I thought: “Well, let's try. I need new, better versions for Android and iOS.”

We used the Flutter technology to do one code base and compile it to both platforms. And now the project is complete, and we are very happy and satisfied with the result."

Rami Ojares
Channel Manager at Heaven TV7 (Finland)

We appreciate that professionalism very much

"We are impressed by the speed of the schematic design once the requirements are specified. Even in the cases when the requirements are not fully defined, they are able to suggest a solution and discuss it to come to the final solution quickly. We appreciate that professionalism very much."

Dominika Oblak
Dominika Oblak
Head of Project Office, Dewesoft (Slovenia)

Quick solutions — it’s great to have that kind of partner

"The collaboration with Promwad has been successful, helping the client streamline their efforts and deliver work on time. The team is dedicated to meeting deadlines and working within the budget. Their communicative, available approach makes them easy to work with."

Mustafa Kamer Peker
Mustafa Kamer Peker
Senior Software Project Manager, Vestel (Türkiye)

Equal level of professionalism spread over a number of technical expertise

"Promwad eradicated the pain-points associated with complex development projects. The client received the project within the agreed schedule. Above all, they took the initiative to present their ideas and maintained exceptional communication with the company. They impressed us with their equal level of professionalism spread over a number of technical expertise."

Val Levitan
Val Levitan
Co-Founder, JVL Labs (Canada)
Up to 300%

"They offered a smart solution for our product. Small but effective changes in software and circuit design increased battery life over 3 times!"

Angel Vassilev
Chief Product Officer, TAO Wellness (USA)
Pleased with the results

"Promwad developed a new application for our Marvell PlugСomputer based on CPU Sheeva and OS Linux."

Arkady Katz
Sr. Director, Marvell

An East-West bridge

"Highly skilled engineers, excellent understanding of many electronic tasks in hardware and software are just a few of many good attributes."

Johannes Horvath
Technical business development manager, Analog Devices (Germany)

Effective cooperation

"Texas Instruments certainly believes that long experience and qualification of Promwad's specialists will be a firm basis for further effective cooperation"

Anatoly Dudnikov promwad
Anatoly Dudnikov
Head of Representative Offices, Texas Instruments

A great job!

"I was also positively surprised by the achievements of Promwad software team on various platforms. They showed strong skills in low-level programming and found solutions on very intricate issues"

Guillaume Pinto promwad
Guillaume Pinto
Chief Technical Officer, Parrot (France)
A serious grasp of Linux

"We have been working with Promwad for more than 3 years and their service has always been very good. During this time, they have provided us with top notch hardware and software designs"

Landry Philippe
Chief Executive Officer, Incyma (Switzerland)

They were very knowledgeable about the provided solutions

"As a result of collaboration, Promwad successfully delivered the first product. The team regularly held weekly meetings to discuss feedback and utilized email for follow-ups. Furthermore, they were knowledgeable in providing solutions."

Daniel López
Daniel López
CTO, iPronics Programmable Photonics (Spain)

They provided a fast and efficient way of communication

"Promwad completed the client's radio-electronic components research, schematics, schema, PCB design, and more. Their agile project management methodology impressed the client. The team was also flexible and has excellent leadership abilities."

Mikalaj Murziankou
Mikalaj Murziankou
CEO, iomico (USA)

Alongside with leaders

"Today, our IPTV STB is available at the market and competes on an equal footing with products by the world's leading manufacturers, such as Aminet and Motorola."

Igor Rumyantsev promwad
Igor Rumyantsev
CTO & Co-Founder, SmartLabs (Germany)

A reliable partner

"Promwad has proven to be a reliable and professional partner. High qualification and practical experience of its employees allowed them to grasp a new solution in a short time"

Mikhail Nikitin
Senior Business Development Manager, STMicroelectronics
Problem solvers

"At Kino-mo, we have developed the 3D Holo-Display, an innovative product which makes it possible to project 3-D images in the air. We turned to Promwad with the task of manufacturing new samples"

Kiryl Chykeyuk
Founder at Hypervsn (UK)
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