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Dash cam solutions at Promwad offer the seamless integration of advanced features, including but not limited to collision detection, lane departure warnings, and real-time video recording.

Deep expertise in automotive electronics development and market trend awareness allows us to create advanced dash cam solutions, handling the end-to-end turnkey design or your specific tasks.

Dash Cam Benefits

A dash cam is not only a system for recording daily journeys and having insurance in controversial incident situations but also as a multifunctional solution. It facilitates GPS route optimisation and serves as a driver monitoring system by using lane departure and forward collision warning features.

Dash cams incorporate G-Sensor technology to detect collisions, HDR cameras for enhanced visibility, and receive vehicle data through CAN bus standards. Integrating dash cam software with GPS-tracking systems and 4G wireless data transferring enables tracker functionality, live monitoring, and cloud storage of videos. This optimises business operations and prevents personal use of corporate vehicles.

Advantages of Custom Solutions

Most commercial dash cams may not seamlessly integrate with dashboards or cars, a trend increasingly favoured by OEMs. Developing a tailored solution saves time and money when integrating a high number of vehicles in your fleet.
Additionally, no one-size-fits-all solution meets all the unique requirements of your business' efficiency. Consolidate all necessary features into one enclosure to avoid overpaying for unnecessary extras.
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Dash Cam Features


CPU, WiFi + Bluetooth, SD Card + eMMC, Image sensor + lens


CPU with neural networks, WiFi + Bluetooth, GSM, GPS, Several image sensors + 2 lenses

Dash Cam Types

exterior view dashcam promwad

Exterior view

Front and rear dash cams for the exterior view are installed to record potential incidents occurring in front of and behind a car. Additional features allow for recognising and analysing dangerous road conditions, such as tailgating, speeding, detecting traffic signs, and preventing crashes through alerts.

interior view dashcam promwad

Interior view

The primary purpose of the interior cameras is to monitor the driver's behaviour behind the wheel and detect hazardous situations, such as the driver falling asleep or using a phone. The cameras also assess the quality of service in passenger transportation, identifying actions such as smoking or making calls.

dual dashcam promwad

Dual cameras

Dual cameras combine interior and exterior views, consolidating all the advantages of single cameras under one enclosure. With a 360-degree view, they enhance fleet safety during driving and elevate the quality of transportation services.

Our Tech Map

Image sensors

Image sensors by Sony or Omnivision, optic systems with or without lenses, LAN, USB, support of Full HD/4K cameras with a resolution of up to 4K

Telematics modules

GSM: 2G/4G/5G, GNSS (GPS, Beidu, Galileo), Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi 5, 6

Hardware platforms

Ambarella, Socionext, Jetson Nano, Renesas, NXP

Embedded multimedia

H.264, H.265

Driver behaviour

Smoking detection, unsafe driving behaviour identification (e.g. smartphone usage, driver drowsiness detection)


Lane departure warning system (LDWS), traffic signs recognition, forward collision warning (FCW) system

Alexey Safonov

Our customers' experience proves that using custom dashcam solutions can improve business performance and help users avoid accidents. Leveraging our expertise, we create high-tech automotive solutions and ensure top-notch quality.

— Alexey Safonov, Head of the Automotive department at Promwad

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