Penetration & Security Testing Services

With the ever-increasing prevalence of cyber threats, we aim to safeguard our clients' businesses by proactively mitigating security risks and ensuring their data's integrity, confidentiality, and availability.

Our team provides top-notch security operations (SecOps) services, integrating robust practices and technologies into every aspect of business processes through comprehensive IT security audits and testing.

Our Security Operations Services

We deliver customised SecOps solutions to help our clients address their cyber security challenges comprehensively.

Cyber security audit


Our team conducts audits of network equipment configurations, access controls, encryption protocols, and security policies. Additionally, we ensure compliance with industry standards and provide a vulnerability report with actionable recommendations for mitigation.

Our cyber security audit services cater to different levels of system access and input:

  • Black box: we perform IT security audits without system input.
  • Grey box: we assess infrastructure with minimal input, such as login credentials and domain name.
  • White box: we conduct information security audits with full system access, including system source code.

Network penetration testing


Within our cyber security penetration testing services, we offer:

  • External testing to evaluate your information security in the public domain.
  • Internal testing to assess safety within your interior company's network.
  • Red team assessment to check your security team's efficiency through controlled and simulated hacker attacks.

We also conduct penetration testing for embedded systems, providing thorough assessments of devices that encompass operating systems, ports, board security, and other components.

Sociotechnical testing


Our sociotechnical security testing services go beyond technical evaluations by examining the human element in your information security. We assess the potential for employees to disclose internal information, which could lead to financial losses or reputational damage.

Additionally, we offer training programs to enhance employees' skills in responding to information security incidents. Equipping your workforce with the necessary knowledge and tools will strengthen your company's resilience to mitigate potential threats.

Integration and outsourcing


As a security operations company, we modernise and optimise your business infrastructure while adhering to the latest information security methodologies. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive monthly security maintenance services for your information systems and equipment.

Our services include:

  • ongoing monitoring,
  • regular updates,
  • proactive security measures,
  • rapid incident response.

Our dedicated team ensures continuous protection of your critical assets' and smooth operations, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Vulnerability scanning


Providing automated vulnerability scanning services, we identify known vulnerabilities in network devices, such as routers, switches, firewalls, and access points. This enables us to proactively address potential weaknesses and bolster the security of your network infrastructure.

Traffic analysis


With advanced monitoring and analysis techniques, we observe network traffic to detect any abnormal or suspicious behaviour. By identifying harmful patterns, our experts swiftly respond to potential security breaches or unauthorised access attempts.

Firmware/software testing


What we do within our firmware/software security testing services:

  • Review and analyse the security of network equipment firmware and software.
  • Conduct code reviews to identify potential vulnerabilities and security weaknesses.
  • Test to ensure the proper implementation of security features.
  • Validate the resilience of firmware and software against potential exploits and attacks.
  • Provide detailed reports with recommendations for strengthening security measures.
  • Enhance the overall security posture of your network infrastructure through the validation of firmware and software components.

Authentication and access control testing


We evaluate authentication mechanisms, access controls and permissions, and user management systems for secure access to network equipment to identify vulnerabilities.

Our team aims to provide robust authentication mechanisms and access control policies, ensuring a secure environment for your business.

Encryption testing


Our team evaluates the strength of encryption protocols your network equipment utilises to protect data in transit, including SSL/TLS, IPsec, and VPNs and conducts thorough assessments to ensure powerful encryption mechanisms and help you safeguard sensitive data.

Configuration review


Configuration review includes:

  • Network equipment configurations assessment to comply with security best practices, such as turning off unnecessary services.
  • Implementation of strong passwords.
  • Activation of necessary security features.

Wireless testing


What we do within our wireless network testing services:

  • Assess the security of wireless network equipment, such as access points and authentication mechanisms.
  • Identify vulnerabilities in encryption protocols used to protect wireless network communications.
  • Analyse wireless security configurations to detect weaknesses.
  • Examine the resilience of wireless networks encryption methods, such as WPA2 or WPA3.
  • Verify the proper implementation of wireless security measures, such as MAC address filtering or captive portals.
  • Recommend how to strengthen your wireless security infrastructure, including encryption, authentication, and configuration improvements.

Cloud Security

With our extensive expertise in the cloud domain, we secure your data and infrastructure in public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments. Our end-to-end services include edge computing for enhanced protection, reduced costs and network traffic while ensuring safe data processing.

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Mobile App Security

We specialise in mobile app security, leveraging our expertise to protect your apps and user data. Our team employs best testing practices and encryption protocols and performs information security audits for safe app usage. To maintain a top-notch security level, we provide continuous support services for mobile apps.

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Tech Map in SecOps

Host scanners

Nmap, WPScan, Nikto, Hydra

Traffic analysis

Snort, Wireshark, Yersinia

Password cracking

Aircrack-ng, John the Ripper

Rootkit checkers

chkrootkit, rkhunter, linux malware detect

Hardware security

True random number generators, device authentication, secure boot, hardware encryption, trusted platform module, firmware signing

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We assist startups by providing security operations services to meet their challenges head-on, fill resource gaps, and accelerate business growth.

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We provide comprehensive cyber security testing and audit services to enhance our clients' businesses in various industries.

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Tech Partners

We can be your reliable technology partner, ensuring your data's security. Our team is ready to become an integral part of your project.

Why Promwad

End-to-end services

We assess both new and existing equipment, focusing on the distinct needs of your device. We test the components that are essential for your usage specifics and develop custom strategies that align with industry regulations.

Vast expertise

With over 19 years of experience, we have extensive knowledge in both hardware and software domains. Our expertise allows us to assess vulnerabilities at the hardware level, identifying weaknesses and delving into the software aspects as well.

Helicopter view

We take a holistic approach to evaluating your project. By studying the requirements and considering the overall project conditions, we analyse not only our part of the project but also the broader context to ensure a well-rounded assessment.

Our Engagement Models

Time & Material

– Payments for actual hours worked
– Regular reporting of time and results
– Regular communication with the team
– Connecting / disconnecting engineers on request
– Flexible development process

Dedicated Team

– Fixed monthly costs
– Custom-built team with specific competencies
– Fully dedicated engineering team
– Comprehensive IT infrastructure
– Max efficiency for complex projects


– Budget control
– Reduced risk
– Flexible resource allocation
– Clear scope
– Predictable timeline
– Quality control

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How does an IT security audit help with regulatory compliance?


IT security audits play a vital role in helping companies ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations, data protection laws, and security standards. By conducting audits, businesses can assess their adherence to regulatory requirements, identify gaps in compliance, and implement necessary controls and processes to meet the mandated security standards.


Can embedded systems penetration testing be performed on existing systems?


Yes, as a penetration testing company, we perform it on both existing and newly developed systems. It is important to assess the security of existing systems to identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and improve the overall security condition. Regular testing can also help identify potential weaknesses introduced through system updates or changes in the environment.


What is the recommended frequency for conducting embedded systems security testing?


The frequency of embedded device security assurance depends on various factors, such as the complexity, criticality and risk tolerance of your systems, applications, or business in general.

As a general guideline, it is recommended to conduct testing at least once during each major development phase, such as during initial development, after significant updates or modifications, and prior to deployment or release.

Additionally, employing ongoing embedded security services should be a part of a proactive security maintenance plan, with periodic assessments scheduled at least annually or as dictated by industry standards or changes in the threat landscape.


What are the key components of security operations management?


  • Security policy development and enforcement.
  • Security incident monitoring, detection, and response.
  • Threat intelligence gathering and analysis.
  • Vulnerability management and patching.
  • Security operations centre (SOC) establishment and management.
  • Security awareness training and education.

Can security operations management be outsourced?


Yes, it can be outsourced to security operations companies. Outsourcing allows businesses to utilise the expertise of dedicated security professionals, access advanced security technologies, and benefit from 24/7 monitoring and incident response capabilities.

However, it is critical to select a trusted and reputable security partner with proven expertise and a strong track record in security operations management.