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CDN Solutions Development

A global content delivery network (CDN) is vital for businesses that manage substantial content resources and want to distribute servers worldwide. We assist CDN vendors and online entertainment providers in developing software and creating distributed infrastructures.

Employing CDN for live streaming and gaming, businesses can enhance data processing, minimise delays and reduce bandwidth costs. Explore our expertise in CDN development to bring content closer to users and ensure seamless experience and performance.

Benefits of Streaming CDN

What is CDN
Enhanced page loading times
Increased reliability and cost-effectiveness
Quality global availability
Advanced security

Our Tech Stack for CDN Development


Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK)


Deep Packet Inspection


Vector Packet Processing (VPP)


Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)


Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)


Berkeley Packet Filter

Our Case Studies

Smart CPE router

We designed full-featured prototypes of a smart CPE router for advertising filtering, malicious content blocking, and parental control. The device includes a processor equipped with hardware for network packet processing.

Utilising a development kit by NXP and Qualcomm SDK, along with ample memory (including RAM, ROM, and eMMC), we ensured scalability for future functionality enhancements.

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CPE Router

10GbE industrial switches

Our team created a new product line of eight 1Gb/10Gbps Ethernet switches with 24 and 48 downlink ports + 4 uplink ports, operating within an industrial temperature range of −20°C to +70°C.

We built hardware and firmware for the switches, conducted reliability tests, designed enclosures and packaging, and assisted with production documentation. The devices were built on Marvell Switch ASIC: Marvell Aldrin and AC3X, with a Cavium CN7130 @ 1.5GHz processor.

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Industrial Switch

TCP PEP and QoS software modules

This software was designed for communication systems based on geostationary satellites.

Our client received new software enabling TCP connections within VLANs, GTP, and GRE tunnels via a performance-enhancing proxy. We also developed and tested the QoS module, integrated it into the customer's SDK, and prepared the project documentation.

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Why Promwad

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Ethernet network expertise

At Promwad, we optimise network configurations and have vast experience developing resilient Ethernet LAN/WAN solutions for CDN companies.


Reliable partnerships

We have strong partnerships with chip vendors, such as Qualcomm, Realtek, MediaTek, NXP, Marvell, and MaxLinear, ensuring access to cutting-edge technologies.


Empowering startups

We support innovation and assist startups in expanding their global presence by developing robust CDNs for video streaming and other industries.

Our Engagement Models

Time & Material

– Payments for actual hours worked
– Regular reporting of time and results
– Regular communication with the team
– Connecting/disconnecting engineers upon request
– Flexible development processes

Dedicated Team

– Fixed monthly costs
– Custom-built team with specific competencies
– Fully dedicated engineering team
– Comprehensive IT infrastructure
– Maximum efficiency for complex projects


– Budget control
– Reduced risk
– Flexible resource allocation
– Clear scope
– Predictable timeline
– Quality control

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What are the key features to develop for an enterprise content delivery network?


When choosing an enterprise content delivery network, key features include:

  • a global network of strategically located servers;
  • high-performance caching;
  • scalability to handle traffic spikes;
  • security features (DDoS, man-in-the-middle protection, WAF);
  • real-time analytics and reporting;
  • and responsive customer support.

What are the main things to consider when implementing CDN streaming services for the company's media content?


When implementing CDN streaming services, we recommend to consider the following factors:

  • video quality,
  • adaptive bitrate streaming,
  • device compatibility,
  • low latency,
  • content delivery to global audiences,
  • secure content protection,
  • analytics tools for monitoring viewer engagement and performance.

Are there any industry-specific use cases where a CDN for live streaming is particularly advantageous?


CDN for live streaming benefits sectors like sports broadcasting, online gaming, e-learning, and corporate communications. Low-latency streaming CDN solutions help reach audiences worldwide, engaging and interacting with users in real-time.