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Software Development for Broadcasting Solutions

Are you looking to build reliable and scalable software for your broadcasting solutions: video and audio editors, dashboards or LCD panels, professional cameras and multi-camera control panels? At Promwad, we can address all your engineering challenges with low-latency processing of high-quality video and audio and ensuring power efficiency.

We specialise in video and audio processing implementation of NDI and ATSC 3.0 standards and ST 2110, AES67, SRT, and RIST protocols. Our team assists you with full-cycle services: hardware and firmware engineering, FPGA IP cores porting, UI\UX design, and software development, including transforming your legacy systems.

Our Key

Over 3 million digital TV & video streaming devices produced by Promwad
A world-class event in Qatar used our engineering solution to broadcast live video

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Qt is our reliable tech partner in application development.
Our team ensures the security of Qt-based applications, protecting them from vulnerabilities, such as code injection and data breaches.

Whom We Serve


Audio & video solutions providers


Radio & TV equipment development companies


Post-production software providers


ProAV solution providers & system integrators


Professional cameras manufacturers


Media content creation/newsroom technology providers

Clients About Promwad

Kind. Trustworthy. Professional

"TV7 was established 20 years ago by my father. We had mobile applications that were done in-house. Promwad was in contact with our Swedish office, and I thought: “Well, let's try. I need new, better versions for Android and iOS.”

We used the Flutter technology to do one code base and compile it to both platforms. And now the project is complete, and we are very happy and satisfied with the result."

Rami Ojares
Channel Manager at Heaven TV7 (Finland)
The standout quality of their designs sets them apart

"Enhancing product functionality while cutting costs was our primary challenge, and Promwad excelled in helping us overcome it. Becoming our go-to partner for hardware and IoT development, their team managed everything: component selection, electronic and mechanical design, electrical and thermal simulations, and industrial designs.

Since March 2018, their impact has been significant — Promwad's designs not only met but elevated our requirements, contributing to the boost in our sales and revenue."

An executive of a telecommunications company (Sweden)
Fuel your broadcasting solutions with our software development services!

Application Areas

We specialise in software development for audio and video broadcasting, hardware and firmware engineering, and UI/UX design.

Dashboard software

Our team develops custom dashboard software that aggregates information from diverse sources with varying formats, APIs, and databases. Our goal is to balance the costs associated with implementing and maintaining dashboard software.

We design dashboard software for DJ consoles, live event management software and non-linear editing solutions, and analytics and content playout systems for broadcasting companies.

LCD panel software

Our solutions support gestures, multi-touch, and precise touch tracking while enabling easy configuration and control of display settings. We develop diagnostic tools for HDMI switchers, converters, controllers, and installed chips.

Our team manages the firmware update process for LCD panels to fix bugs, improve performance, or add critical features.

Video editors

We support multi-track video editing software and ensure the UI is well-defined, organised, and visually represents multiple tracks. We integrate UI with other tools like graphics, audio editing solutions, and cloud storage.

For flawless user experience, we accommodate various screen sizes and resolutions and maintain multiple platforms, such as Windows, macOS, and mobile devices.

Remote control panels

With our software development for media systems, we can implement real-time content monitoring, control multiple devices at once, and ensure adaptability to diverse network conditions.

Our multi-camera control solutions empower broadcasters with control, accuracy, and flexibility in content delivery.

Video processing

We use a combination of CPU and GPU to ensure high-performance video processing, perfect for live streaming and conferencing. Our expertise includes implementing algorithms for denoising, muxing/demuxing, interlacing/deinterlacing, frame rate conversion, motion compensation, object tracking, and motion detection.

We work with various video formats: AVI, MP4, MKV, and MOV. Also, we support all popular codecs, such as AV1, H.265(HEVC), H.264(AVC) and VP9.

Here is the list of devices and solutions we can cover with our full-stack services:

  • Cameras
  • Live production switches
  • Video recorders
  • Video mixers
  • Capture and playback solutions
  • Broadcast converters
  • Video consoles
  • Network storage
  • Video encoders for live streaming
  • Routing and distribution solutions
  • Streaming and encoding solutions

Audio processing

We specialise in developing cutting-edge AoIP broadcast ecosystems and focus on the complexities of audio transmission. Our audio processing implementation ensures top-notch sound quality and seamless integrations with devices and 3rd party solutions.

We help our clients level up the following components of audio processing solutions:

  • AoIP audio interfaces
  • On-air audio processors
  • Voice/mic processors
  • Audio consoles and delays 
  • Audio mixers
  • Audio recorders
  • On-air TV audio processing
  • Audio encoding solutions

Upgrades and Tech Support for Legacy Systems

For digital TV and broadcasting companies seeking engineering support for their legacy systems, we offer regular upgrades and maintenance. We can also evolve and update your current devices and software platforms.

If you're upgrading your broadcasting equipment due to discontinued chips, we can assist you in transitioning it to a new solution. Our team will adjust your media and entertainment software to ensure flawless operation and meet essential protocols and standards.

The photo illustrates our case study

Our Case Studies

Virtual audio mixer

We created a cross-platform Qt-based application, compatible with MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

What our solution does:

  • Mixes 6 inputs to 4 outputs across 4 buses for versatile audio source mixing. IP calls and radio, music, and video can be mixed and sent to various audio outputs.
  • Supports 8 mono microphones, 2 stereo hardware channels, and 12 stereo virtual channels at once.
  • Compatible with pro audio DAWs and multiple audio interfaces: MME, WaveRT, WASAPI, Direct-X, KS, and ASIO.
  • Enables connections to musical instruments and supports VST/VST3 plugins.
Virtual audio mixer

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Platform for broadcasters

We offer off-the-shelf server software tailored for operators and broadcasters engaged in aggregating video streams on their servers and distributing them to clients.

What our solution does:

  • Receives and transcodes video.
  • Creates profiles and serves subscribers.
  • Monitors all transmitting and receiving devices,
  • Manages their settings.

It facilitates the transmission of video streams to TVs, set-top boxes, and mobile devices.

This software enables operators to receive streams from CCTV cameras in various regions.

Platform for broadcasters

Application for PRO camera

We designed a Linux Qt-based application for managing essential camera settings on an embedded display. Additionally, we developed a web application that runs on an HTTP server within the host device. The web application has a unified interface, ensuring a seamless and consistent user experience.

Users can access the web application online once they connect a host device to the Internet. The software enables the control of multiple cameras, including all settings, and facilitates the loading and saving of predefined configurations.


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AI-powered content analysis and filtering

We created an advanced neural model utilising YOLO 5 and 8 to recognise distinct actions in video streams, such as smoking, mobile phone use, and mask-wearing.

The model was trained on more than 12K labelled images and fine-tuned to cut processing latency by ten times.
Our solution facilitates targeted advertising filtration and enables video censorship and content categorisation.
AI-powered content analysis and filtering

Explore Our Expertise in Protocols and Standards

ST 2110
ATSC 3.0

Ensure seamless content delivery and robust performance of your broadcasting solutions!

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