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Engineering Solutions for Media Сonverters

Media converters ensure seamless content adaptation across various platforms and devices, playing a critical role in network connectivity and extending fiber distances. Choose Promwad  to develop bespoke media converters.

We create Copper-to-Fiber, Fiber-to-Fiber, and mobile media converters leveraging our extensive FPGA programming expertise. Our team develops robust firmware and designs hardware tailored to your specific size, shape, and interface requirements.

What We Offer

Media converter development is a vital part of our telecom software and hardware design services. We provide a versatile reference solution that can be customised to various form factors, interfaces, protocols and power supply specifications. Our enclosure media converter design is available for your future devices.
Additionally, we engineer network equipment, including Wi-Fi solutions and VoIP modem routers.
custom media converter promwad

Supported Interfaces

RS-232, RS-422/485, IEEE C37.94
10/100 Fast Ethernet
1G Gigabit / 10G Ethernet

Types of Media Converters


It is used in automatic operations with the initial configuration of port settings such as speed, duplex, and auto-negotiation via DIP switches.



It has custom firmware for link monitoring, fault detection, interface statistics, remote provisioning, configuration, and SNMP management.

Our Tech Map in FPGA

Specialized tools

Vitis/Vivado, Quartus Prime, Diamond, Libero, Matlab

Software platforms

NVidia Jetson, Alveo, OpenVINO, TensorFlow, Keras, Caffe

Tools & Languages

Verilog, VHDL, VivadoHLS, Simulink/HDL Coder, С/C++, Python

Hardware design

High-speed PCBs, DDR4, JESD204b, HDMI, SDI, SI, PI, Thermo modeling


Zynq US+, RFSoC, Cyclone10, ECP5, MPF500


AD9361, AD9371, ADRV9009, Radars, Custom AFE, Antenas

Network protocols

DPDK, UDP 10G, TCP 10G, TAPs, L1/L2 IP cores


1G, 10G, 25G/40G, 100G

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