DMS Design: In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS)

We design driver monitoring systems, also known as DMS cameras, which help our customers develop novel business solutions and ensure comfort and safety on the road.

Our automotive business unit utilizes various processors and infrastructures, but we believe that the Ambarella CV25 chip is the best off-the-shelf hardware option that can be used for quick implementation of face-tracking, analysis, and face-recognition solutions.

We launched this ambitious project to help our clients implement automotive systems that have safety and comfort in mind. Our hardware and software platform can reduce driver error that may be caused by typical prolonged operation conditions such as fatigue, distractions, drowsiness, etc.

The future of driver monitoring systems

We expect that driver monitoring solutions will become a default feature in all new vehicles. They already show steady momentum towards becoming the leading solution in the landscape of automotive safety systems:

  • US industry leaders such as General Motors and Ford are helping boost the growth of Level 2+ driving assistance systems.
  • The European Union is already making driver monitoring systems mandatory for OEM vehicles that will be produced in the year 2024 and beyond.
DMS development
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Driver Monitoring System Features

Explore possible applications for your driver monitoring solution.

Driver drowsiness

Driver Fatigue Monitoring

The dash camera monitors the driver’s state of awareness and responds to critical situations with an alert. The system identifies distractions, micro-changes in steering behavior, drowsiness, negative emotions, and the possible influence of alcohol or drug intoxication. All abnormal states are instantly identified and monitored.

The driver fatigue detection provided by our driver monitoring system prevents road accidents by delivering prompt warnings and brings the driver’s attention back to the primary task of driving.


Passenger and Interior Monitoring

The system is not limited to monitoring drivers. We also provide passenger or in-cabin monitoring solutions with detection and classification capabilities that enable personalized adjustment of the vehicle’s automated systems. And these solutions are based on one device only as Ambarella CV25 supports up to 3 cameras. The cameras detect the position, passenger count, and seatbelt status of everyone in its field of view.

The system categorizes each passenger by gender, age, and other characteristics, which enables the personalization of convenience settings like heating, music, and seat position, as well as the adjustment of passenger safety features. For example, the system can turn off the airbag if it detects a baby seat on the front passenger seat or it can lower the heating settings, since high temperatures in a confined space may be dangerous to a child.

Real-time Face Tracking for Safety and Convenience

The system’s built-in real-time face tracking capabilities allow it to form a complete picture of the driver's physical and emotional states. It analyses head pose, facial expression, gaze direction — everything that affects the driver's overall state of awareness. If the system detects an anomaly, it provides a driver attention warning.

Other advanced interaction interfaces in our driver monitoring systems are already in the works. Innovative gesture control is a great example of the system’s future capabilities. Our company plans on implementing touch-free music control, which will reduce distractions and consequently, keep the driver's attention focused on the road. Aside from an increase in the level of safety, this solution will also qualitatively improve the user experience.

Driver Monitoring System Benefits

Here are some of the benefits that driver monitoring systems provide to our clients:


We perform fast and easy system adaptation and integration, regardless of the market, vehicle type, or model.


Our solutions are hardware-agnostic, meaning we can propose alternative processor or infrastructure options.


We adhere to the automotive industry’s highest standards and are ready to provide compliance with any requirement and regulation.

We are dedicated to comprehensively analyzing all the requirements that our clients may have. Our platform is hardware-agnostic and scalable, meaning we can build the system on any preferred processor and infrastructure. The same goes for our driver monitoring software: you can choose any combination of available recognition and detection capabilities.

Together, we can transform this already highly sought-after trend into true business value. Now is the right time to advance automated comfort and safety in the automotive market! Contact us to get more detailed specifications for our Ambarella CV25 camera-based driver monitoring solution.

Our Case Studies in Driver Monitoring System

Ambarella CV25/22/28 driver monitoring

Typical Hardware Module Characteristics

  • Ambarella CV25/22/28 or other
  • DDR3L/DDR4
  • NAND, eMMC or SD card up to 256 GB
  • GNSS/GSM(2G/4G/5G)
  • Wi-Fi 5, 6
  • BL 5.0
  • Any peripheral sensors like gyroscopes / accelerometers / light sensors / etc.
  • Support up to three cameras: 2 with Full HD + 1 with 4K or 2 cameras with a resolution of up to 4K
  • Image sensors from Sony (IMX 327/335/415 modules) or Omnivision
  • M12/M10/M8/M6 LENS

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