Driven by Qt

Qt-Based Software Development Services

As a certified partner of Qt Group, renowned for its cross-platform framework, we create custom Qt-powered software solutions for our clients: interfaces, MCUs, software and hardware acceleration.

At Promwad, we employ Qt development tools, libraries, and APIs catering to diverse platforms: desktops and embedded systems, wearable and mobile devices, set-top boxes and smart TVs.

Accelerate the Process with Qt Solutions

We can cover all platforms – mobile and desktop, RTOS and embedded, and WebAssembly.
Optimised performance
Qt framework tools are designed to build innovative systems with enhanced performance.
Cut down time-to-market
Qt app development tools enhance productivity and simplify the engineering process.
Increased scalability
We scale across devices and functions to target MCUs running on bare metal or high-end PCs.
Simplified maintenance
Due to the unified code base of Qt solutions, we can provide fast and efficient support.
Top-notch security
Qt's extensive API ensures reliable protection against all cyber attacks and vulnerabilities.

What We Do

  • Implement GUI using widgets-based UI and QML-based apps;
  • Create app business logic and non-GUI modules using various tools: Qt Network, Qt SQL, Qt XML, State Machine Framework, Qt DBUS, and Qt gRPC;
  • Specialise in Qt-powered MCUs for robust applications in embedded devices;
  • Ensure exceptional UX on wearables and portables;
  • Implement software and hardware acceleration, memory optimisation, and lightweight UI;
  • Employ diverse Qt app development tools: Visual Studio, XCode, Qt Creator IDE, Vim, and Emacs.

Qt Solutions We Employ


Mobile and embedded solutions


Platform and device adaptations


Cloud and backend integrations


Extensive libraries and APIs


Quality assurance (QA) tools


3D graphics and visualisation


Qt GUI development tools


AR and VR tools

Our Services

Automotive design
Industrial automation development
Medical systems engineering
Consumer electronics development

Our Case Studies on Qt-Powered Solutions

Multi-platform OTT application

Our team developed front-end for a TV application for a European digital service provider. The app ensures seamless user experience and platform compatibility and is accessible across Linux, Android TV, iOS, and Android.


Cross-platform application for Wi-Fi-enabled video streaming camera

By leveraging Qt for application development, we created a desktop and mobile solution for the camera with Wi-Fi connectivity. This app allows users to stream live videos and enjoy a user-friendly interface that works on various devices.

Remote application for smart torch with a built-in camera

We created a smart torch that incorporates a built-in camera, supports video streaming, and utilises an Android app as a remote monitor. The app controls and configures the device, as well as manages a gallery of videos and images.

Interested in starting an engineering project driven by Qt solutions?

Drop us a line about your project! We will contact you today or the next business day. All submitted information will be kept confidential.