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Speed Up Your Embedded Software Development

Onboard embedded system experts within 25 weeks to significantly accelerate your product's time-to-market. We ensure:
  • Flexible work approach: we cover all your needs, from minor adjustments to full-cycle product ownership.
  • Broad technical expertise in working with open and proprietary operating systems, developing firmware, user apps, and Android and Linux Kernel solutions.
  • 20 years of experience backed by our advanced IT infrastructure and successfully completed projects for clients worldwide.

More about our domain-specific software development:

Pavel Moroshek
We’d love to hear about your project!

Pavel Moroshek, Head of Embedded Engineering Unit at Promwad

Looking for Reliable and Quick-Turned Embedded Software Development Services?

Finding a tech partner quickly might be challenging

Selecting an embedded software development services provider is a crucial step, that requires careful consideration and exploration. A mismatched choice may result in extended development timelines, increased costs, or features that do not fully align with initial expectations, potentially impeding market success.

Achieve on-time project delivery with Promwad 

With 20 years of experience, our team offers end-to-end design and support for various solutions – from IoT devices to large industrial control units. We can join your project as quickly as required and guarantee that your embedded product design meets the most complex industry standards.


Benefit From Our Services

team assebly promwad

Expert team assembly

To ensure the perfect match for your project, we carefully select engineers with the experience, mindset, and technical knowledge necessary for your industry and specific business requirements.

All-in-one product development promwad

All-in-one product development

In addition to embedded software, our services cover hardware design, material selection, prototyping, application development, UI/UX design, and assistance in selecting manufacturers for mass production.

product ownership promwad

Your technical product owner

We can manage the entire product development lifecycle. Our team provides guidance during the ideation stage, updates your solutions with new technologies, and ensures continuous post-launch maintenance.

Cross-domain expertise promwad

Cross-domain expertise

Promwad has extensive experience in a wide range of industries, including automotive, telecom, industrial automation, robotics, digital TV, and video streaming.

Infrastructure provision promwad

Required IT infrastructure

For your project, we'll provide essential development infrastructure featuring advanced tools and establish transparent reporting with detailed updates at every stage.

fair pricing promwad

Fair pricing and reliable roadmap

Ensure competitive pricing without compromising on quality. We offer clear embedded software project plans with fixed deadlines and budgets backed by independent evaluations.

Our Areas of Expertise



Smart home


Multimedia &


Get in touch with us today and explore how our multi-domain expertise can benefit your project!

Our Technical Expertise

modem Promwad


Embedded system design and development for set-top boxes and network devices in compliance with the high requirements for bandwidth and quality of service (QoS):

  • System and user software for routers, switches, hubs, and STBs
  • Drivers for network chips and interfaces
  • User interfaces for managing network devices and infrastructures
  • VoIP solutions and SIP clients
  • Implementation of RDP, Citrix ICA, VMwareP CoIP protocols
5D movie software Promwad

Media and entertainment 

Embedded system design for media players, tablet PCs, 3D TVs, video registration devices, e-book readers, and 5D cinema solutions:

  • Implementation of video/audio codecs
  • Content compression and protection
  • Code profiling and optimisation
  • Creation of modules that invoke hardware multimedia processing capabilities
  • Porting of software and localisation of third-party components for multimedia devices
  • Integration of individual software components into a single product
  • Creation of user interfaces based on JavaScript, CSS3, HTML 5, Adobe Flash
logger Promwad

Automotive electronics

Reliable automotive systems designed in compliance with the AUTOSAR and MISRA standards: fault-tolerant solutions for onboard computers, engine control units, in-car infotainment and navigation systems, and other onboard electronics. Our portfolio features various successful projects for European and American car manufacturers.

Consumer electronics

Embedded software solutions for consumer electronics, such as mobile gadgets, smart home, IoT and navigation devices (GPS) based on Linux, Android and other OS.

Software Levels and Solutions for Linux Embedded and other OS

As an embedded software development company, we can deliver services at all levels, from bootloader to server software. Our team writes code compliant with industry-specific standards and uses specialised testing methodologies to design reliable and user-friendly solutions.


Target platform configuration and optimisation (low-level programming).

Hardware testing systems and secure software update modules engineering.

Operating Systems

Interfaces, protocol stacks, device drivers and hardware-dependent code development.


Software modules development, porting and localisation, third-party component integration, UI and cross-platform application design.


Merging of standalone components into a single product, distribution files optimisation and configuration, file system images preparation, and creation of bootable live-CDs for different purposes applications.

Server Software

Software engineering to integrate devices into a full-fledged system with set parameters, creation of infrastructure or hardware pool management solutions, and web interface design.

Industrial Automation and Real-Time Systems

Our embedded system design for industrial automation and real-time systems adheres to the strictest response time and reliability standards.

Organisation of intermodular interaction
Initial and background status monitoring of connected devices
Exact synchronisation of local network devices
Development and porting of inter-core interaction interfaces
System driver development for specialised interfaces
Minimisation of loading time
Application design for the PPS-based time synchronisation systems
Restoration of connected devices working capacity after crashes
Get in touch with us today and explore how our technical expertise can benefit your project!

Collaborating With Promwad: A Closer Look

Equal level of professionalism spread over a number of technical expertise

“Promwad eradicated the pain-points associated with complex development projects. The client received the project within the agreed schedule. Above all, they took the initiative to present their ideas and maintained exceptional communication with the company. They impressed us with their equal level of professionalism spread over a number of technical expertise.”

Val Levitan
Co-Founder, JVL Labs (Canada)

A great job!

“I was also positively surprised by the achievements of Promwad software team on various platforms. They showed strong skills in low-level programming and found solutions on very intricate issues.”

Guillaume Pinto
Chief Technical Officer, Parrot (France)

A serious grasp of Linux

“We have been working with Promwad for more than 3 years and their service has always been very good. During this time, they have provided us with top notch hardware and software designs.”

Landry Philippe
Chief Executive Officer, Incyma (Switzerland)

Our Proven Experience

We worked on projects involving specialised industrial processor cards, smart grid systems, and various controllers, including communication and panel (HMI), industrial (PLC), and IEC 61850-compliant solutions. Our team also developed test benches for functional firmware testing on the production site.

Navigation system for neurosurgeons
We developed a software and hardware system for accurate and safe operations on the brain and spine. The system shows the position of instruments in the patient's body in real-time with an accuracy of one millimetre.
AI for STBs
In-video shopping AI for STBs
We helped the Oyper startup create an AI software solution for scanning clothes and other items within video streams. Our team developed an app for Android and Java-based set-top boxes with Smart TV. The app finds links to online outlets so that users can buy clothes from their videos in a few clicks. We have also launched a mobile app for covering more video content on social networks.
Air quality
Air monitoring system
We designed a hardware and software system with measuring devices to collect and send the data to an IoT cloud server to analyse, alert, and generate the real-time air pollution map.
TV conferencing
Video conferencing for STB
We've integrated a feature for audio and video calls into Smart TV and set-top boxes, unique for digital TV operators. The new application for embedded platforms meets the needs of different user categories through an enhanced use scenario.
Railway unit
Railway navigation unit
The device for installation in the train engineer's cab receives the coordinates from satellite navigation systems and transmits geolocation data to the client's server. We developed a Linux-based software platform, including the graphical interface for the device, and provided documentation to start mass production.

How We Work With You

Project assessment
Project assessment
Our experts can assess your requirements and align them with your business goals. We will confirm the technical feasibility of your embedded software development project, define the scope, provide an estimated timeline, and suggest the most appropriate collaboration model.
Tech consulting
Tech consulting
We provide expert support and comprehensive feedback to enhance the performance of your embedded software solutions. Our goal is to assist you in making necessary changes that will facilitate your business' growth.
End-to-end services
End-to-end services
Our services encompass the entire process of embedded product development, starting from analysis and initial concept development to delivery of a production-ready solution and continued post-launch maintenance.
Dedicated team
Dedicated team
We can assemble a dedicated team of our embedded software engineers to enhance your in-house development team, shorten your product's time-to-market, and help you gain essential expertise quickly.
Technical support
Technical support
With our comprehensive post-launch maintenance services, we ensure your embedded systems and software solutions are always up-to-date, secure from any threats, and at peak performance.

We Strive to Be Closer to You

Based in Europe, Promwad serves clients worldwide. With our cross-industry expertise spanning automotive, digital TV and video streaming, industrial automation, and telecom, our team of over 100 engineers and managers is prepared to tackle any of your business challenges.




Client Delivery Office


Client Delivery Office


Development Centre


Development Centre

Drop us a line about your embedded software development project and get a quote!

We will contact you today or the next business day. All submitted information will be kept confidential.


How long does it take to develop software for embedded systems?


The time needed for development varies based on the number and complexity of steps involved. Here's an overview of the typical stages in our embedded system development process:
  1. Initiation: the first step includes signing NDAs, gathering and clarifying requirements, and estimating the scope of work.
  2. Planning: we analyse requirements, create a timeline, identify risks, plan communication strategies, and assemble the project team.
  3. Development: this phase progresses through defined milestones, encompassing firmware development, prototype creation, and rigorous quality assurance testing. 
  4. Validation: releasing the firmware, preparing technical documentation, and conducting a final review of deliverables.
  5. Release: we bring the project to fruition through the practical implementation of designs, the integration of components, and the deployment of the system to fulfil its intended purpose.
  6. Support and maintenance: we provide ongoing support for the firmware, making improvements to functionality, and updating software development kits (SDKs) or libraries as needed.

How much does it cost to develop embedded software?


There is no fixed price for our embedded software development services. The cost depends on the amount of work and the time involved. For “turnkey” engineering, the cost depends on the following factors:

  • whether the requirements are fully formed or need to be prepared with our help; 
  • whether the design is ready or needs to be developed by us; 
  • the platforms that need to be supported; 
  • code design (including documentation); 
  • testing and other project documentation. 

In the "team as a service" contract, the cost depends on the time spent on the creation of your embedded system.


Where does the work begin? Do you sign an NDA first?


First, we sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and clarify the details of the project. Then we draft a business proposal. Once the agreement is signed, our engineers get to work and you can watch your idea come to life!


Do you offer quality assurance services for embedded software projects?


Quality assurance for embedded software projects is an integral part of our development process. We ensure thorough testing and verification procedures to uphold the highest standards of performance and reliability in our deliverables. Our QA services include functional testing, integration testing, performance testing, and usability testing.


How are intellectual property rights handled?


Throughout our collaboration, we ensure clear agreements are in place to address ownership and protection of intellectual property. Our standard practice includes signing NDAs to safeguard sensitive information and outlining ownership rights in project contracts. In addition, we will only mention your project on our website and other platforms with your permission.


Will you provide documentation for my solution?


The documentation on our clients’ projects can be divided into the following groups:
1. Requirements + architecture.
2. Technical description of features.
3. Comments in our code.
4. User documentation.

We do the architecture documentation together with our client. As for the technical documentation, its scope is determined separately, depending on the application complexity and the need for tech support by a third-party team. Timing and cost increase accordingly.