Production Launch of Electronic Device Enclosures

The outcome of the efforts of Promwad’s industrial designers and engineers is a functional device from a pilot line, which was manufactured with production line equipment.

We launch electronics manufacturing for our customers at proven facilities in Europe, China, and Southeast Asia based on budget and technology, timing control, and quality.

What we do

The goal of launching production is to create the process of enclosure manufacturing in predetermined quantities, with set deadlines, cost, and quality indicators. If the client has not chosen a production partner at this stage, we can help with a choice of the best production site in Europe or South-East Asia, which will provide the required quality and acceptable business terms.

One of the primary tasks in launching the production of the enclosure is the creation and testing of the quality of fixtures – the press mold for molding plastic and metal parts. Our goal is a functional enclosure that is entirely compliant with the developed design solution.

production promwad

Available production technologies

Plastic pressure molding, including co-injection molding and embedded element molding
Color selection and mass-dyeing of plastics (adding the dye to the melted material)
Extrusion molding of aluminum alloys and plastics
Aluminum molding and composite pressure molding
Compression-molding of silicone plastics and rubber
Sheet metal forming and powder coating of metals
Machine processing of metals (milling, etc.)
Plastics varnishing and rubber soft-touch coating
Vacuum-forming of plastics

Why Promwad?



We know the specifics of SEA laws, have the logistic experience, and established processes in this region



Dedicated technology specialists and developers with relevant practical experience



An in-depth examination of contract manufacturers and their professional certification

Don’t pay for mistakes, pay for expertise


If a company tries to launch its production, it will take a lot of time to establish and control processes, while lack of competencies will cause defects in 7—8 % cases. When trying to parallelize tasks by hiring several suppliers, project deadlines and budgets will increase.


We know how to organize work to decrease time-to-market to at least 10—12%, labor costs — to 17%, reject rate — to 1—2%.

Our solution


Adapted communication between experienced developers and production support managers


Projects in industrial design and construction with subsequent manufacturing


We are not interested in deadline extension due to direct losses and customer dissatisfaction


We correct own mistakes at every stage without delay

Do you need a quote for your production launch?

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