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Electronic Design Services

Promwad engineering company implements your ideas into commercial devices and software for the global market.

Our main expertise is the turnkey electronic product design based on state-of-the-art microprocessors running Linux, Android, and other operating systems. We create devices of any complexity, taking into account DFM principles (Design for Manufacturability) to ensure a successful launch of mass production.

Turnkey product development includes:

Consulting: product concept, statement of work
Hardware and software development
Design of a custom-made enclosure
Manufacture of samples
Testing, simulation, analysis
Preparation for certification
Launch of mass production

Case "Fish finder"

We have developed a custom enclosure of the device and a hermetic vandal-resistant construction. We provided a high degree of protection against dust and moisture according to IP67 standard. The robust design and rubberized enclosure withstands falling from a height of 1.5 m on a hard surface. We also implemented a hermetically sealed sensor connector in the housing and made it easy to assemble and maintain.

What are the deadlines?

The development time varies greatly from project to project depending on the parameters of each particular device. Backed by 13 years of experience and priority tech support from our chip vendor partners, we go through all the stages of electronic product design as soon as possible, while not compromising on quality.

Is it necessary to prepare a statement of work (SOW)?

Our customers have a choice to offer us a ready statement of work or to describe a general device concept. In either case, we will consult on all issues and will come to a common vision of the task.

Electronic product design process


Product concept

We create a clear concept of a device or an application for the electronics market, based on technical capabilities of the development, users’ needs, estimated manufacturing costs and market features for the sale of the finished product. The result is a minimum viable product (MVP), as well as Terms of Reference for developing a fully functional device or software.

Concept development
and technical inspection
MVP design
Preparing Terms of
Reference (TOR)

Hardware development

We select electronic components, create a circuit diagram and trace a PCB based on the requirements of the device structure. Analysis and physical processes modeling accelerate the development process and increase reliability of the hardware platform. We use boundary scan for quality control of the assembled board.

PCB designAnalysis and
JTAG tests

Software development

We select an operating system and develop all levels of the device software: drivers, user interfaces and programs for quality control testing in manufacturing. We cut time and cost of designing a software device platform using of ready-made open source solutions.

Development of embedded
and applied software
Mobile applications

Industrial design

Industrial design in electronics is not just about creating stylish design drafts and a 3D enclosure model, it is also about developing the device structure and selecting a manufacturing technology. Ready-made enclosure solutions are tested and improved on prototypes, followed by creating a mold for casting the enclosure in batch manufacturing

Design and structure
Selection of enclosure
materials and prototyping

Electronics manufacturing

We create trial samples to evaluate the selected materials and make sure the device functions correctly. We tailor the documentation to the requirements of a particular manufacturer, schedule delivery of components, as well as manufacture and test a pilot batch. Then we set up an assembly line for batch manufacturing in the required part of the world.

Testing in
Turn-key device

NB! Our work is based on mutual trust

If according to the terms of the agreement, the result of the development is wholly owned by a customer, it is not replicated in other projects.

We have experience in electronic design services for the following market sectors:

Telecom & networking

Design of CPE, routers, switches, and other devices, including FPGA solutions

Consumer devices & MedTech

IoT sensors, MedTech products, mobile gadgets and apps for iOS and Android

Automotive electronics

IVI, ADAS & other embedded systems for cars, trucks, and water vessels

Digital TV & set-top boxes

STB design and software development for IPTV, OTT, DVB platforms

Industrial and home automation

Digital electronics and embedded software for panel and industrial controllers (HMI and PLC), SmartGrid systems, industrial routers, and other specialized control systems.

ready-to-use devices promwad

Why Promwad



Our engineers integrate a rich set of functions into your digital TV platform providing the highest quality of experience for your customers



It's up to you to choose any single detail of your future solution. We suggest only the best ways to deliver, analyze, and monetize your platforms



The protection of the platforms' content and STBs is our priority. We implement the latest standards and features into your solutions

Roman Pakholkov

"Promwad is not just a passive contractor who offers you engineering services. We advise our customers how to develop their business with the latest technologies. Success of our company is built upon our customer's achievements; this is a part of our business model."

— Roman Pakholkov, the founder and chairman of the BoD at Promwad

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