AI Software Development Company

As an AI software development company, we specialise in creating bespoke artificial intelligence applications to empower your business. What we offer:
  • Comprehensive evaluation: we assess every aspect of your project to provide valuable insights and explore opportunities.
  • In-depth expertise in creating custom AI and ML software solutions for clients worldwide.
  • Using available edge AI SoCs from industry leaders, such as NVIDIA, Ambarella, and Renesas to provide the best AI solution for your project.

Andrei Smirnov
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Andrei Smirnov, Head of the Adaptive Computing Systems Unit at Promwad

Application Areas of Artificial Intelligence Solutions

We deliver tailor-made AI software and hardware that align with the unique requirements of the following domains:

Automotive & smart cities

Edge AI design services for automotive and smart city solutions: driver monitoring systems, face recognition cameras, drones, navigation devices, ADAS, and V2X solutions to enable a connected transportation ecosystem.

Industrial automation & robotics

AI-powered solutions for predictive maintenance, technology control and robotics with computer vision and deep learning inference to streamline a specific process or overhaul the entire production line.

Smart surveillance & 3D mapping

Embedded deep learning-based perception solutions for access control devices, security monitoring, and visual mapping with intelligent cameras and lidar systems.
Explore how we created a neural network for human counting.

Video streaming & AI analysis

Broadcast content analytics, interactive applications, and voice-activated assistants for control and natural language interaction with online video, media streaming, and smart TV.

Computer vision in agriculture

NVIDIA-powered artificial intelligence software solutions for managing crop unit-targeted and precise fertiliser spraying during each agricultural machinery operation.


3D construction site mapping, PPE integration and monitoring, predictive maintenance, asset management and visibility to address issues such as equipment theft, inefficient asset management and lost productivity.
Check out our LiDAR-camera fusion assistance system designed for crane operators.

Sport analytics

AI-based solutions for sports teams and organisations to enhance play-by-play analytics, improve training session safety and efficiency, attract sponsors and advertisers, and boost fan engagement. Explore more about AI cameras in sports.

Explore Our Top-Rated AI/ML Services

AI know-how gap?

Businesses increasingly seek AI software development solutions to automate processes and achieve high-performance results. However, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the data used to train AI models remains a significant challenge, limiting the AI effectiveness.

Elevate your project with our AI expertise

Our engineers have the relevant technical expertise to help you get the most out of AI hardware accelerators and frameworks, such as Renesas DPR-AI, TensorFlow, Pytorch, Intel Myriad VPU, and Intel OpenVINO. 


Reach out to us for expert consultation on your AI/ML project!

Why Promwad

One-stop shop

We cover the entire AI and ML solution development lifecycle, from analysis to maintenance, ensuring continuous support to minimise downtime and address issues.


We collaborate with the leading FPGA vendors to access the latest technologies and provide you with the best technological solutions for your project.

Custom solutions

Leveraging 20 years of expertise, our team timely delivers custom AI and ML software solutions that meet your industry-specific business requirements.

What We Do

Port and run a neural network (NN) on specific NPU hardware

Select the optimum NN model and run multiple NNs in parallel

Evaluate network performance
on specific NPUs

Annotate the video stream
for the end-user

Train the selected model
on a dataset

Post-process inference

Software & Hardware Development and AI Consulting Services

Integration of AI SoCs with peripherals and implementation of BSP and software


Testing and quality control

Ai Solutions

Edge computing hardware consulting (Xilinx, Intel, Renesas, Ambarella, NVIDIA, Hailo)

Custom board solution design

Discover Our AI-Powered Solutions


Generative AI models


Facial recognition software


Automotive systems


Security and surveillance systems


Predictive maintenance software


Natural language processing (NLP) solutions


Construction/manufacturing computer vision-based solutions


Smart AI assistants and human-machine interface (HMI) systems


Medical computer vision-based software

AI Development Tech Stack

As a company creating artificial intelligence solutions, we employ diverse embedded perception technologies for our cloud and edge AI development services: 

  • Renesas DPR-AI
  • Renesas RZ/v2m board
  • Ambarella CVFlow
  • NVIDIA Jetson
  • Intel Myriad VPU
  • Intel OpenVINO
  • AWS IoT Core
  • Lattice senseAI
  • Google Coral
  • Tensor Flow
  • Pytorch 
  • Broadmann17 Software
  • Visage SDK

How We Work With You

Project assessment
Project assessment
Our experts can assess your requirements and align them with your business goals. We will confirm the technical feasibility of your project, define the scope, provide an estimated timeline, and suggest the most appropriate collaboration model.
Tech consulting
Tech consulting
We provide edge AI consultancy services to enhance your product's performance. Our goal is to assist you in making necessary changes that will facilitate your business' growth.
End-to-end services
End-to-end services
Our AI software development services cover every stage, starting from analysis and initial concept development to delivery of a production-ready solution and continued post-launch maintenance.
Dedicated team
Dedicated team
We can assemble a dedicated team of our embedded software engineers to enhance your in-house development team, shorten your product's time-to-market, and help you gain essential expertise quickly.
Technical support
Technical support
With our comprehensive post-launch maintenance services, we ensure your embedded systems and software solutions are always up-to-date, secure from any threats, and at peak performance.

Our Locations

Based in Europe, Promwad serves clients worldwide. With our cross-industry expertise spanning automotive, digital TV and video streaming, industrial automation, and telecom, our team of over 100 engineers and managers is prepared to tackle any of your business challenges.




Client Delivery Office


Client Delivery Office


Development Centre


Development Centre

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