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AI Software Development and Consulting

Powered by artificial intelligence, embedded systems are getting smarter every day. And we know how it works. We are focusing on artificial intelligence solutions to help our clients incorporate AI into their future devices and its software. 

Using available solutions based on Systems-on-Chip (SoCs) from NVidia, Ambarella, Renesas, etc., we can quickly build MVP for your industry-specific embedded application and then develop a custom hardware & software platform.

Our Services

No matter where your application runs, either on-premise or in the cloud, our AI software engineers bring in-depth knowledge and skills to your project.

Our expertise helps you get the most from AI hardware accelerators and AI frameworks like Renesas DPR-AI, TensorFlow, Pytorch, Intel Myriad VPU, Intel OpenVINO. Below you will find the typical challenges we tackle in AI software and hardware development & consulting. 

Software Development and Consulting

Port and run a neural network (NN) on specific NPU hardware
Annotate the video stream for the end-user
Select the optimum NN model and run multiple NNs in parallel
Train the selected model on a dataset
Evaluate network performance on specific NPU hardware
Post-process inference results


Integrate AI SoCs with peripherals and provide BSP and Software
Edge AI Hardware Consulting (Xilinx, Intel, Renesas, Ambarella, NVidia, Hailo)
Testing and quality control
Custom board solutions

Industry-Specific AI Consulting and Development

automotive systems

Automotive Systems

We design various automotive systems: driver monitoring systems, face recognition cameras, navigation devices; connected cars; computing applications connected to traveling; solutions for smart cars, and drones — all of these can be powered by AI to provide you the highest value.

Smart Surveillance, Retail, Human-HW Interface

We develop embedded deep learning perception software for AI applications for enhanced security, MedTech, retail analytics, automotive safety, and other emerging industries.

Computer Vision in Agriculture

We help agriculture companies automate the process of fields fertilization to make it more efficient. Our solution serves to manage a crop unit-targeted and precise spraying of fertilizers during each agriculture machinery operation on the field.

The device is built on NVidia computer vision algorithms and NVidia Jetson Nano. We connect our devices to the cloud and control multiple parameters from a user account or mobile device using AWS IoT Core. 

TV Shows Categorization

We can select and implement the right neural network to categorize video content on IPTV platforms. It analyzes the user’s reactions with predictive technology and automatically classifies a wide range of TV programs with very high precision. The performance achieved is comparable to the human ability to categorize.

Voice-Activated Assistants

Our engineers can embed diverse AI-powered functions in smart controlling devices. Weather checking, replying to messages, getting reminders, receiving answers to any questions, and more are possible through voice assistants armed with AI.

AI Development Tech Stack

Here is a list of embedded Edge & Cloud AI perception hardware and software we use in our projects: 

Ambarella CVFlow Devkit ▪ Tensor Flow ▪ Renesas DPR-AI ▪ Renesas RZ/v2m board ▪ Pytorch ▪ NVidia TAO ▪ Intel Myriad VPU ▪ Intel OpenVINO ▪ AWS IoT Core ▪ Lattice senseAI ▪ Google Coral ▪ Broadmann17 Software ▪ Visage SDK ▪ Nvidia Jetson

Make Your Devices Smarter with Our Embedded AI Services

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