FPGA design background

Microchip FPGA

Microchip-Based FPGA Design Services

Promwad came through technical evaluation, after which it became an authorized Microchip Design Partner as a Hardware & Software Services provider for complex areas: FPGA & PLDs, Interface & Connectivity, Power Management, etc.

We help accelerate your embedded designs: connected and secure control solutions, low- and mid-range density Microchip FPGAs-based solutions, solutions based on high-speed communication ICs for fiber optic applications, transceivers and sub-systems, power management solutions, and more.

Microchip PolarFire FPGAs

If you are developing an embedded solution for industrial automation, IoT, or telecom, we suggest using Microchip PolarFire FPGAs. It provides the lowest power at mid-range densities with exceptional security and reliability.

Our engineers have completed a range of projects based on Polarfire, including SoM module designs, API for 3G-SDI video streams capturing/playback, mini PCIe 3G-SDI cards, etc. Find several case-study descriptions below.

Microchip polarfire background

Application areas

We help our clients develop breakthrough solutions with FPGA design services for several target markets:

  • Embedded Security
  • Functional Safety
  • Telecom
  • Power Management
  • Industrial Automation
  • Internet of Things

Microchip-based FPGA Solutions

Polarfire mini-PCIe board

Polarfire mini-PCIe board

Microchip, Polarfire, Mini PCI-e

We designed a miniPCIe board with a Polarfire MPF300 FPGA. Key features:

  • IO connector with MGTs
  • 4 GB DDR4
  • PCIe x1, Gen 2
Polarfire PCIe FMC carrier board

Polarfire PCIe FMC carrier board

Microchip, Polarfire, FMC, PCI-e

We designed a high-end processing board with a PolarFire MPF500 FPGA. Key features:

  • 8 lanes of PCIe Gen2
  • SPF+ cage
  • FireFly x4
  • Micro USB
  • 16 GB DDR4
  • FMC HPC connector
Polarfire mini-PCIe 3G-SDI card

Polarfire mini-PCIe 3G-SDI card

Microchip, Polarfire, Mini PCI-e

We designed a miniPCIe 3G-SDI card with a PolarFire MPF300 FPGA. Key features:

  • 3G-SDI recording and playback
  • 4 GB DDR4
  • PCIe x1, Gen 2
 polarfire som module

Polarfire SoM module

Microchip, Polarfire, SoM

We've designed a PolarFire MPF300 SoM module.

3g sdi video capturing playback

3G-SDI video capturing and playback

Microchip, Polarfire, SDI

FPGA firmware, host PC Linux driver, and API for 3G-SDI video streams capturing/playback.

Our tech map in FPGA

Specialized tools

Vitis/Vivado, Quartus Prime, Diamond, Libero, Matlab

Software platforms

NVidia Jetson, Alveo, OpenVINO, TensorFlow, Keras, Caffe

Tools & Languages

Verilog, VHDL, VivadoHLS, Simulink/HDL Coder, С/C++, Python

Hardware design

High-speed PCBs, DDR4, JESD204b, HDMI, SDI, SI, PI, Thermo modeling


Zynq US+, RFSoC, Cyclone10, ECP5, MPF500


AD9361, AD9371, ADRV9009, Radars, Custom AFE, Antenas

Network protocols

DPDK, UDP 10G, TCP 10G, TAPs, L1/L2 IP cores


1G, 10G, 25G/40G, 100G

Alex Krainov, CTO Embedded Development

"In case you are planning a project in complex data processing or high-speed throughput it’s the best way to choose FPGA & SoC Design. Our experts are ready to provide top-notch hardware design & firmware development services. Moreover, we are ready to give a hand with High-Speed PCB & Schematic design – our experts have strong experience preparing projects of any complexity to mass manufacturing."

— Alex Krainov, CTO of Embedded Engineering at Promwad

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