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AI-Based Video Surveillance & Security Camera Software and Hardware Solutions

Our custom AI-powered video surveillance software and hardware detect activity pattern changes and report them in real time. Additionally, we develop cloud-managed, cloud-based, and locally installed video surveillance management software.

Leveraging 20 years of experience, our engineers create access control and digital video surveillance solutions that elevate operational efficiency in various sectors, including security, commerce, automotive, industrial automation, and smart cities.

Our Services


Hardware development

Schematic and PCB design from scratch or based on your existing solution to improve it.


Embedded software development

BSP setup, video quality improvement, video encoding h.265, and more.


AI integration

Porting neural networks to your hardware platform or developing custom solutions.



Development of video management software for on-premises use and cloud-based/cloud-administered video surveillance solutions.


Custom application development

All stages — concept generation, architecture development, UI/UX design, programming, testing, and post-launch support.


Industrial and mechanical design

Development of reliable and modern enclosures for the cameras

Solutions We Offer

Implementing AI and local computing based on SoC, SoM, and FPGA platforms creates new market opportunities for the following domains:

Security and Compliance Monitoring


The monitoring systems are utilised to prevent illegal and antisocial behaviour in crowded spaces. 

AI-powered CCTV systems cover expansive areas without blind spots and maintain constant vigilance 24/7. These cameras detect and categorise various objects with exceptional detail and accuracy.

Automotive Driving Safety


We design driver monitoring systems, also known as DMS cameras, which help our customers create novel business solutions and ensure comfort and safety on the road.

Driver fatigue monitoring: the system identifies distractions, micro changes in steering behaviour, drowsiness, negative emotions, and the possible influence of alcohol or drug intoxication.

Passenger and interior monitoring: the cameras detect the position, passenger count, and seatbelt status of everyone in their field of view.

Vehicle exterior monitoring: stable recording is guaranteed despite exposure to vibration. The alarm system alerts the control centre in case of suspicious objects or unauthorised access.


Urban Mobility Projects and Construction Site Surveillance


The road junction monitoring systems maintain driveway safety and assess infrastructure conditions in real-time. Monitoring several sections simultaneously is essential for roads with heavy traffic. Custom AI-powered CCTV systems track traffic data by date, day, and holiday.

We design solutions that utilise camera data to monitor seat occupancy, optimise city traffic, and ensure pedestrian and vehicle recognition and counting. 4K AI cameras are crucial for investigating traffic and criminal incidents, providing data based on preset parameters.

Retail and Service Facilities


We offer CCTV development services to ensure a comfortable and secure environment for customers and employees in the retail sector. Our engineers leverage artificial intelligence for video surveillance systems that detect threats, vandalism, and other incidents.

We develop AI video analytics software to estimate customer count per area, attention direction, and other parameters. The analytical data from the cameras enables effective advertising campaigns and merchandising planning depending on customer behaviour. This information can also be used to effectively allocate store employees to the places where they are most needed.

Industrial Automation and Control


High-resolution cameras monitor electrical and mechanical equipment that operate at high temperatures to ensure a rapid response to emergencies. Thermal imaging cameras with intelligent analysis control the temperature and trigger alarms in case of temperature deviations.

The system can report abnormal sounds, unusual temperatures, and other similar troubles with an audible alarm. Connecting multiple cameras enables monitoring of industrial facilities or buildings from the outside.











City surveillance


Oil & Gas


Parking management


Storage facilities


Industrial facilities


Smart traffic management



Do you want to develop CCTV or other video surveillance solutions for your business?

AI Algorithms We Work With


Face detection (FD), facial recognition (FR), face tracking (FT)


Licence plate recognition (LPR) for 4-wheeled and 2-wheeled vehicles


Motion detection (MD), line crossing (LC), virtual fences (VF), exclusion zones, intrusion zones


People counting (PC), people counting with discrimination


Capacity control (OC), people loitering (PL), crowd detection (CD)


Objects left and objects removed

Video Management System


Branded panel (with logo and name) | Providers roles: reseller, admin, read-only, support | Signup form | Service statistics | User/device analytics | Client/device management | Notification events graph | GEO-based cameras (on map view)


Customised turnkey applications for Android mobile/tablet, Android TV, iPhone/iPad, PC (with real-time viewing) | Embedded HTML player (iframe or page)

Media service

Self-hosted (on-premises) or cloud-based setup independent media node, clusters | RTSP, SRT, WebRTC, cloud storages, archives, Amazon Kinesis, Azure, Google storage, ONVIF | Restream, transcode, logo/text overlays, timelapse, detection rectangles | Real-time notifications, AI models, custom trained AI models | Detection/tracking modules


Banned IP | Login by email/password or activation code | Email verification signup page | Token-based streams

Our Case Studies

Driver head tracking

We have designed a computer vision system to estimate head position and analyse driver fatigue, commissioned by a European engineering company.

Cameras within the vehicle record the interior as part of the ADAS (advanced driver-assistance system), which alerts drivers of drowsiness by monitoring their pupils and blink rate.


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Driver Head Tracking
Multimedia Transmission and App Development

Multimedia transmission implementation and mobile app development

We have developed an Android mobile application and ensured the transfer of audio-video streams between a smartphone, a server, and a wearable device for a search dog.

The technologies we have used for multimedia transmission:

  • MQTT for remote control and monitoring.
  • MJPEG to keep complete frames and low FPS when mobile internet is unstable.
  • RTP for real-time audio and video delivery.


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Smart bike parking

Promwad has designed a smart bicycle parking solution based on the SONY Spresense AI vision platform.

The system:

  • reacts to human motion by activating the light and power,
  • automatically detects available bike parking spaces,
  • sends parking availability information over GSM to the cloud.

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Smart Bike Parking

Why Promwad



We create custom surveillance and streaming solutions tailored to run your neural network as an AI on Edge solution.


Our engineers are proficient in developing solutions on the latest hardware platforms, guaranteeing expedited time-to-market for your product.


With 20 years of experience in video streaming, we can handle any task, whether it's embedded software or hardware development.

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