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From 5 to 8 Jan, Las Vegas hosted a consumer electronics show with 3,000 exhibitors. Our founder Roman Pakholkov visited it and shared his insights...
10 January 2023
Our founder Roman Pakholkov looks forward to meeting you from Jan 5 to Feb 11 to discuss your projects in software development and electronics design...
04 January 2023
In mid-2022, we presented our strategy to our employees and partners, and today we are publishing its key points for a wider audience.
03 January 2023
On this page, we want to tell you what 2022 was like for us and how it transformed Promwad.
16 December 2022
In this article, we will demonstrate how the Promwad team develops AI-based solutions for our clients.
15 December 2022
This weekend we sponsored and co-organised a hackathon, which focused on the development of new products for Smart & Eco Environment.
13 December 2022
The MicroTCA platform is a modern solution for a variety of applications that require high performance and reliability in data processing operations.
06 December 2022
IEC/IEEE 60802 is a new standard that defines time-sensitive networking profiles for industrial automation.
01 December 2022
Electric motors
We joined a German project to transform trucks into EVs. Read our article if you want to know how to convert a combustion engine to an electric one.
02 November 2022
When outsourcing a software development project, choosing the best cooperation model is essential. What pricing is right for your specific project?
27 October 2022
Promwad has signed a Service-Level Agreement (SLA) with our longstanding partner and chip vendor, Microchip.
25 October 2022
The Ethernet Advanced Physical Layer has become a new standard in building scalable industrial networks to automate industrial buildings, etc.
20 October 2022