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OPC as a platform-independent standard allows seamless and fast data exchange between devices and SCADA/HMI.
10 July 2024
Comparison of the 3rd edition with other versions and OCPP implementation for charging stations from various vendors in the US.
01 July 2024
We expand our frontiers in designing innovative software and hardware for our clients in power electronics and IoT.
24 June 2024
This programming language is used in industries from space to blockchain. Discover why giants like Volvo, Infineon, and Arculus trust it.
11 June 2024
Today, June 3, our company is celebrating its 20th anniversary! To remind what Promwad is today, we have collected 20 highlights.
03 June 2024
How to choose the best wireless technology? We will answer this question by reviewing the most popular low-power technologies.
15 May 2024
If you want to control robots with PLCs from different manufacturers, then you can do this with SRCI and our engineering support.
15 May 2024
Supporting grassroots sport and activities in the North Rhine-Westphalia region to foster community engagement.
25 April 2024
Content producers can manage pro-cameras in real-time via web and mobile apps — with our knowledge of SDKs from all world vendors.
24 April 2024
Energy from nowhere? Easy! Find out how RF energy harvesting offers a green alternative to traditional power sources, reducing waste.
17 April 2024
How we design an FPGA-based controller to analyse building materials with 10x increased accuracy and 3D visualisation.
11 April 2024
Market analyses to ensure optimal audience reach through your smart TV app for particular platforms in various countries.
09 April 2024