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Our engineers have designed the first smart bike parking container with the SONY Spresense computer vision system.
22 September 2022
The IBC2022 ended a week ago, but we are still working through its results. Our colleagues have shared their feedback with us, which we publish here.
21 September 2022
Promwad opens a new engineering office in Niš, Serbia
We have officially opened a new office in Nis. This is our fourth European location after Lithuania, Latvia, and Germany.
14 September 2022
How to choose the best wireless technology? We will answer this question by reviewing eight of the most popular low-power technologies.
08 September 2022
When creating an MVP or minimum viable product for the electronics market, everyone wants to save money and time. The smartest way to do this is to...
18 August 2022
We have joined the EtherCAT Technology Group to create hardware and software for industrial automation electronics.
03 August 2022
Let’s review the market opportunities for start-ups and mature companies that are going to launch their branded smartwatches and ​​wristbands.
28 July 2022
We asked our colleagues about their path in the company, plans, and much more.
13 July 2022
We launched the development of hardware and software solutions based on chipsets produced by ON Semiconductor.
28 June 2022
We will show and explain how industrial design came to be successfully applied in places where it was previously largely ignored.
15 June 2022
Today, we say thank you to the Promwad team (to our current and former employees), our customers and our partners
06 June 2022
We have compiled a skill matrix of our FPGA engineers to make it easier for our customers to plan new FPGA design projects with our support.
24 May 2022