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iOS Application Development Services

Employing our 18 years of experience, we create custom solutions that help our clients excel in a constantly evolving digital space. Our experts provide end-to-end iOS app development services, from discovery to deployment and post-release support.
We create apps for various industries, including healthcare, automotive, telecom, and IoT.

Our team provides ongoing iOS app maintenance to ensure long-term success and leverage the latest technologies in the iOS domain, meeting the highest quality and functionality standards. Whether you are launching a new iOS app or looking to enhance an existing one, our team has the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Services We Provide

Collaborating with our clients, we address their unique challenges and build custom applications for various Apple devices.

iOS App Consulting Services


We offer iOS app consulting services to help our clients define and achieve their business objectives efficiently. Our consultants provide professional industry-specific recommendations on the latest technologies, trends and best practices for developing iOS solutions.

Thoroughly researching our client’s needs, goals, and target audience, we use the data-driven approach to develop custom strategies and cover all requirements.


Custom iOS App Development Services


At Promwad, we provide custom iOS app development services for B2B and B2C startups and mature companies. Whether you aim to develop an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Apple TV solutions – we’ve got you covered.

Our team of experts specialises in Xcode iOS development and uses cutting-edge tools to create apps that run seamlessly on all Apple devices. Our development process follows agile principles, allowing us to deliver high-quality iOS apps promptly and efficiently.


iOS App UI/UX Design Services


Impeccable UI/UX design is vital to building successful iOS apps. Our designers create visually appealing, user-focused, and responsive interfaces that engage your target audience.

We collaborate with our clients and development team to understand the project’s unique requirements and develop bespoke UI/UX designs optimised for all relevant Apple devices.

iOS App Update Services


If you aim to ensure that your iOS apps remain up-to-date and relevant to your target audience, you can count on us to handle everything. We provide regular updates to both code and design to keep your app up-to-date with the latest advancements and best practices in custom iOS app development.

Our team guarantees that updates are seamlessly integrated into the apps and aligned with your business objectives.


iOS App Testing Services


Comprehensive quality assurance and testing services are critical for releasing high-quality iOS applications. We identify and address all the issues before and after the release of your applications using manual and automated testing methods.

Also, our QA engineers test your app across various Apple devices and iOS versions to ensure it can handle high traffic and maintain data security while remaining compatible.


iOS App Maintenance & Support Services


At Promwad, we are committed to providing ongoing assistance and support to our clients. We proactively address current or potential issues and ensure your app remains functional, engaging, and secure.

Our experts analyse user behaviour and app performance, get valuable insights and offer future updates, regular bug fixes, and design improvements.


Our Custom iOS App Development Process


Selecting the programming language

We begin by choosing the appropriate programming language based on the requirements and your app's features. Our team provides Objective-C and Swift development services, selecting the best option for each project.


Researching and adhering to iOS guidelines

We examine the latest iOS guidelines to guarantee that your apps meet Apple's strict requirements for design and functionality. We also ensure its optimisation for the latest OS versions for seamless functioning.


Designing for various devices and screen sizes

We ensure cross-device compatibility while providing our Apple mobile app development services. Your app will work correctly on all Apple devices with various screen sizes – from iPhone SE to 14 Pro.


Utilising Apple's frameworks and APIs

We employ a vast library of Apple frameworks and APIs to add powerful functionality to your app. Our engineers stay current with Apple's latest updates and releases to ensure we use the most effective tools.


Integrating with Apple services

We integrate our apps with different Apple services, such as Apple Pay and iCloud, to provide seamless usage, hassle-free data synchronisation, and secure payment options across devices.


Ensuring iOS app security

We implement best practices for iOS app encryption. Our team builds robust user data protection, prevents unauthorised access, and develops defences to mitigate common security risks.

Testing and optimising for Apple devices

We thoroughly test our apps for performance, stability, and compatibility on all relevant devices to ensure they function optimally and work flawlessly on various iOS versions and configurations.

Guiding you through the App Store publication

We guide our clients through publishing their apps on the App Store, ensuring they meet all guidelines. During this stage, we prepare the app for submission and send it to Apple for review.

Post-release maintenance and support

We provide ongoing support to maintain compliance and ensure your apps are functional. After the release, we fix the emerging issues, release updates for new iOS versions, and add new features at your request.

Our Tech Stack




Swift, Objective-C






UIKit, Combine, Core Data, Core Location, Core Graphics, AVPlayer and other basic iOS frameworks


SwiftUI, Autolayout, Storyboards, design in code

Dependency managers

Cocoapods, Swift Package Manager, Carthage



Popular libraries

UI: Snapkit | Networking: AFNetworking, Alamofire | Image loading: Alamofire Image | Databases and ORMs: Realm, CoreData | Unit and instrumented tests: Cuckoo | Asset management: R.swift | Code style: SwiftLint, SwiftFormat.


Apple iCloud, Google Cloud, and Firebase (Analytics, Cloud Messaging, Firestore and more)

Why Promwad

Agile development methodology

An agile methodology allows us to be flexible and responsive to any changes and our client’s feedback throughout the development. Thus we deliver apps faster, with shorter development cycles.

Robust security controls

We follow industry-standard security protocols and regulations such as GDPR and CCPA to protect our clients' data throughout your app development process and after the release.

APIs and services integration

Our engineers seamlessly integrate third-party APIs and services such as payment gateways, location-based services, or social media platforms to build your high-performing and feature-rich iOS solution.

Do you need a quote for your iOS app development?

Drop us a line about your project! We will contact you today or the next business day. All submitted information will be kept confidential.


Can I hire dedicated iOS app developers for my project?


Yes, you can hire dedicated iOS app developers from our company for your project. This approach offers multiple benefits over hiring individual freelancers or working with a non-dedicated team.

Greater control over the development process

  • You choose your team members with appropriate skills to develop your project and manage their workload.

  • Regularly collaborating with our experts, you ensure the project is being developed following your vision and meeting your business needs.

Efficient development process and higher quality

  • The developers are solely focused on your project, ensuring it is delivered on time and within budget.

  • Our team examines your business needs comprehensively and optimises the development process accordingly.

Cost-effective solution

  • A dedicated team of developers is a more cost-effective solution than hiring freelancers or working with a third-party non-dedicated team.

  • You pay a monthly fee that covers all the costs associated with development, including salaries, benefits, and overhead.

If you're interested in hiring Promwad's dedicated iOS developers, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


What are the programming languages used for iOS app development?


iOS native app development primarily requires two programming languages: Swift and Objective-C.


Swift is a relatively new programming language developed by Apple specifically for iOS, macOS, and watchOS. It is designed to be safe, fast, and modern, with a syntax that is easy to read and write. Swift is now the primary language used for iOS app development.

Objective-C is an older programming language used extensively in iOS app development before Swift was introduced. While it is not as commonly used as Swift today, Objective-C is still widely used in legacy codebases, and some developers select it for particular cases.

Whether you want to develop an iOS app on Swift or Objective-C, you can count on us to handle everything. At Promwad, we have a team of experienced outsourcing Swift and Objective-C developers who will select the suitable option for your project and provide the technical expertise you need to bring your app to life.


What are the design guidelines for iOS apps?


iOS has strict guidelines for design to ensure that apps are visually consistent and provide a seamless user experience. At Promwad, we are highly skilled in following the best practices to achieve compatibility with iOS standards. Here are just a few examples:


  • Navigation: Using a consistent bottom or top navigation bar to help users navigate between screens. 

  • Layout: Creating a simple, grid-based layout with clear sections that separate different types of content. 

  • Colours: Using a limited colour palette with accent colours to highlight important information or calls to action. 

  • Typography: iOS apps utilise a limited number of easily read fonts. We use font sizes and weights appropriate for specific content and avoid using too many fonts or font sizes within the same screen.

  • Icons and images: iOS apps typically use easy-to-understand icons and images. 

Our designers and software engineers are committed to following the latest iOS native app development guidelines to ensure your app is uniform and maintains a cohesive user interface.


How do I submit my iOS app to the App Store? Can you help with that?


Yes, at Promwad, we can assist you with submitting your iOS app to the App Store. Here is a brief overview of the steps involved:


  1. Create an Apple Developer account (we can help you create it if you don't have one).

  2. Prepare your app for submission: You need to ensure it meets all the guidelines and requirements published by Apple (all applications developed in Promwad comply with them by default).

  3. Upload your app to the App Store: Once your app is ready for submission, you'll need to upload it to the App Store through the App Store Connect portal. We assist you throughout this process, ensuring that all necessary information and assets are provided.

  4. Wait for approval: Your submitted app will be reviewed by Apple to ensure that it meets all their guidelines and requirements. Our team can help you navigate any issues that may arise during the review process.

  5. Approved! Your app is published! Congratulations, users can now download and use your app. And we can help you with post-submission tasks like app updates and design improvements.


Submitting to the App Store can be a complex process, but at Promwad, we have extensive experience accomplishing it. Our experts can provide all the necessary support and guidance to ensure a smooth application submission and approval process.