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A Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) is an advanced vehicle whose functionalities are primarily enabled through software. The transformation from a hardware-centric to an SDV approach expands the vehicle's capabilities with software upgrades and new app integrations via its centralised architecture.

At Promwad, we develop embedded OS built on microkernel architecture for software-defined vehicles, and design hardware and cloud software. Our team has delivered many successful projects for Tier 1 European and American automotive companies: electronic control units, IVI and ADAS, and connectivity solutions.

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Embedded OS engineering

We develop the core of an SDV — an embedded OS — from scratch or improve your existing one. Based on the microkernel architecture for software-defined vehicles, the OS efficiently manages critical functions in a sandbox environment and facilitates essential operations. With modular capabilities, our solutions enable adding or removing functionalities and ensure adaptability and scalability.

Cloud solution development

Our team builds custom cloud-based platforms for software-defined vehicles, enabling seamless integration of data management and analytics. We leverage scalable infrastructure and ensure secure communication between vehicles and cloud services, facilitating real-time data processing. Additionally, our software supports over-the-air (OTA) updates, allowing manufacturers to deploy patches remotely.

Hardware design

The hardware solutions we create include electronic control units (ECU), chips, various sensors and cameras for driver monitoring and road safety cameras. Our team builds advanced and agile modular solutions, developing independent applications and ecosystems. This approach significantly enhances SDV performance, allowing manufacturers to select the most robust hardware without compatibility concerns.

How We Build Software-Defined Vehicle Solutions

Select optimal E/E architecture

Building E/E architecture for software-defined vehicles, our engineers prioritise three key strategies:

  1. Transitioning to high bandwidth Ethernet, we enhance communications and data transfer capabilities.
  2. Our automotive SDV experts move from singular controllers to hierarchical setups for function distribution and improved efficiency.
  3. Instead of the conventional approach of one vehicle function per one electronic control unit, we implement ECU consolidation for streamlined operations.
Select optimal E/E architecture

Re-architect software

Utilising microservices, we modularise monolithic applications to enhance flexibility and define how to split existing software into RT compute and I/O control.

Employing containerisation with Docker or Kubernetes enables smooth deployment and management across diverse software-defined vehicle platforms. API-first design principles ensure interoperability and facilitate integration with external systems.

Re-architect software

Adopt SDN technology

Adopting a new Ethernet technology, software-defined network (SDN), we get a global view of network elements’ topology and state, ensure automation, and employ the proven YANG data model approach.

With SDN, we build solutions that streamline configuration processes and enable precise programming of routing matrix, policies, and TSN features.

Establish virtualisation

Abstracting hardware resources and establishing virtualised environments address the challenge of software compatibility with specific hardware.

Utilising virtualisation on a single system-on-chip (SoC) provides secure sandboxes for seamless software contribution, ensuring smooth integration and maximising performance efficiency.

Establish virtualisation

Build vehicle-to-cloud software

We develop vehicle-to-cloud software solutions that abstract complex networks, streamline update management across vehicles, and decouple hardware and software development processes.

Our engineers create cloud ecosystems that can integrate digital twins, lifecycle management, and configuration tools.

Build vehicle-to-cloud software

Develop digital twins

We engineer digital twins solutions for software-defined vehicles to maintain excellent performance even when system complexity is constantly increasing.

Virtual models can be used throughout the device's lifecycle and drastically increase the efficiency of development, deployment, testing, and updating processes.

Develop digital twins

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Our close partnerships with vendors, access to the best SDKs, extensive automotive portfolio, and deep expertise provide us with a solid competitive advantage in the market.



Our experience allows us to participate in and realise any automotive project as fast as possible. Additionally, we offer our clients flexible cooperation models.



We've completed projects for Tier 1 automotive companies, adhering to international standards, such as ISO 26262 and ASPICE, to guarantee the functional safety of their solutions.

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