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IoT, Robotics & Beyond

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In official partnership with Qualcomm, we accelerate digital transformation across various industries and IoT applications: camera & audio, industrial automation & robotics, automotive, energy & utilities, smart home & building automation, location, and tracking.

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Advanced Power Management

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As an official partner of Infineon, a leading manufacturer of power semiconductor components, we leverage its discrete components and power modules to create advanced power management solutions for our clients in the automotive, energy, and industrial sectors.

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Low-Power Programmable Devices

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As an official partner of Lattice Semiconductor, we develop next-generation FPGA-based software and hardware solutions for clients across broadcasting, automotive, data and telecommunications, industrial automation, and edge computing domains.

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Advanced Embedded Applications

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As an official NXP Connect Partner, we provide our client with top-notch engineering support for new software and mass-produced devices based on NXP solutions, including i.MX and Layerscape CPUs, S32K, and other automotive MCUs.

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Industrial Communication Solutions

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As an official partner with Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH, we use the netX multiprotocol SoCs for industrial networks, empowering our clients with unmatched efficiency and speed.

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FPGA, Power & Connectivity

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As a member of the Microchip Design Partner Program, we have access to free samples, training, and discounts on development tools. This enables us to create hardware and software solutions for our clients in complex areas, including FPGA and PLD, advanced connectivity, power management, telecommunications and security.

Explore our Microchip-Based FPGA design services

Telematics Design

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With universal modules from Telit Cinterion, our clients can accelerate the telematics design for the automotive industry and other applications. Integrated solutions with WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM, and GNSS streamline our development processes, reduce costs, and improve technical support.

FPGA Design

Within the Intel FPGA Partner Program, we provide high-quality services using Intel’s benefits, tools, and training. We employ Intel FPGA boards, MCUs, and other devices for digital signal processing, random logic, encoding, emulation, and more.

Our services & case studies with Intel FPGA

Fast-Tracking Designs

As a part of Renesas Partner Ecosystem, we design market-driven solutions for our clients in the B2B and B2C markets, focusing on control and sensing, communications and cloud, AI-powered solutions, and HMIs.

Learn more about our partnership with Renesas

Cutting-Edge Signal Processing

As a partner of Analog Devices, a global leader in signal processing technologies, we develop solutions for various applications, including data conversion, amplification, radio frequency, embedded processing, power management, and interface products.

Explore our clients’ design with the AD technologies

FPGA, SoM & Software

As a Xilinx Alliance Member, we offer rapid integration of Xilinx FPGAs, SoCs, 3DICs, and software-defined solutions for clients worldwide. Our engineers have access to extensive training and certification courses, enhancing their productivity and development quality.

Explore our Xilinx Kria SoM-based FPGA design services

Advanced Digital TV Devices

We have collaborated with Amlogic for many years to develop digital TV solutions. Amlogic-based STBs designed at Promwad are multi-feature devices, featuring OTT, video streaming, and smart TV apps.

Explore our solutions for Amlogic-based STBs

Cross-Platform Development

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Our official partnership with Qt Group, a leader in cross-platform development, allows us to deliver bespoke Qt-based software solutions for various platforms, from desktops and embedded systems to wearables and industrial automation systems.

Explore our Qt-powered software solutions

prplOS Solutions

As a member of prpl Foundation, a non-profit organisation and an ecosystem of open software and APIs for carrier-grade CPE, we offer clients our software platform built on prplOS and powered by OpenWRT.

Check out our prplOS-based app, featuring multipath and security screening

Innovative Media Solutions

In collaboration with STMicroelectronics, a global leader in semiconductor technology, we develop innovative home media and application systems for our clients: from consumer multimedia devices to industrial and automotive solutions.

Explore our clients’ design with the STM technologies

Visual AI Products

With Ambarella, we create intelligent vision solutions for many applications, from driver assistance systems to autonomous vehicles and robotics. Using Ambarella's low-power SoCs, our smart cameras deliver high-resolution video compression, advanced image processing, and deep neural network processing.

Explore our clients’ design empowered by Ambarella

From Industrial to Consumer Electronics

Our partnership with Texas Instruments enables us to deliver advanced analogue and embedded semiconductor solutions for our clients in the industrial, automotive, and consumer electronics markets.

Explore our case studies empowered by Texas Instruments