Freescale Semiconductor
Promwad has become an official Freescale Connect Partner and joined an international network of independent developers of new devices and embedded systems based on Freescale solutions. Working within this ecosystem gives us access to new technologies before they enter the mass market. Our engineers design communication controllers for industrial automation based on multi-core PowerPC processors from the Freescale QorIQ line, use specialized i.MX6 processors and enable the capabilities of Linux and RTEMS for real-time tasks.

Together with STMicroelectronics (Moscow office) we promote STB solutions to Russian market. STMicroelectronics is a global leader in developing and delivering System-on-Chip (SoC) and semiconductor solutions across the spectrum of microelectronics applications: communications, computer peripherals, digital consumer, automotive, smartcards.

JTAG Technologies

Promwad enters a group of authorized test application developers for JTAG Technologies systems and offers its customers not only contract development of the products themselves but also services of creating a set of JTAG test applications to be launched during the production. Promwad fully possesses engineering resources and tools from JTAG Technologies to develop a full range of test applications and cover the defects of all the digital parts of the products produced by the customer.

Analog Devices

Promwad is a member of The Collaborative - a partner programm from Analog Devices for 3rd party developers of Blackfin processor software and hardware solutions. We pay significant attention and focus to Blackfin technology which proved to be true by a constantly increasing number of custom Blackfin based projects.

Texas Instruments

Promwad has become an official partner of Texas Instruments and joined the International design house network, which members develop electronics based on TI components and semiconductor solutions. Now Promwad's customers have additional guarantee of developers' professionalism: under the terms of partnership program TI design houses are audited and according to the results confirm their knowledge and experience in successful design of modern electronics.


The vendor of JADE processors for automotive electronics.


The vendor of processors for mobile devices development.