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Backend App Development Company for Your Business Needs

As a backend app development company, we deliver full-fledged self- or cloud-based backend solutions for DTV, Media, and IoT markets.

Our engineers create, design, and implement the backend components of applications to help our clients enhance their products and workflows.

What We Offer

At Promwad, we create custom backend development solutions, enhancing them with our additional services, such as mobile or web app development services.

Backend platform development

We build scalable and fail-safe backends for various software programs, including сomplex IoT platforms, industrial automation systems, and digital TV services, all complemented by our expert frontend development & UI/UX design services.

Cloud or on-premise computing

As a backend company, we create both cloud and self-hosted solutions and provide further integration with third-party platforms and applications. Our expertise extends to migrating the designed systems to public, private, or hybrid cloud platforms. Additionally, our backend software development services entail a technical backend audit to find out if there are any issues and make the customer’s infrastructure more optimised.

Backend development services

Technologies We Use


C++, Python, JavaScript / Node.js, Ruby / Rails


MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB

3rd-party cloud platforms

AWS, Azure, Bosch IoT


Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, Kubernetes

Roman Pakholkov

"In case you need a reliable backend solution with flexible computing capacity, choose Promwad backend development services to deploy your solution with the top cloud platforms."

— Kirill Zut, Head of ODC DTV Department at Promwad

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