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JTAG software is a suite of tools designed to unlock the full capabilities of integrated circuits on your printed circuit boards (PCBs). Whether you're in the PCB design or manufacturing stage, JTAG services play a key role in testing, analysis, debugging, and programming electronic devices.

JTAG solutions optimise our manufacturing process, enabling our engineers to produce high-quality products with minimal defects. Choosing the best test tool depends on your specific needs, such as the complexity of your embedded systems, the number of JTAG devices requiring support, and your budget.

Hardware Functional Testing Services with JTAG


Promwad is an authorised distributor of JTAG Technologies and developer of test boundary-scan software for JTAG systems. We work using a specialised JTAG ProVision tool, which allows us to provide outstanding solutions and services in the field of JTAG technology.


Our custom hardware design includes implementing boundary-scan hardware tests to ensure improved device quality. The primary benefit of this technology is the ability to test devices with limited access to microcircuit package leads, such as BGA, COB, and QFP.


JTAG testing allows control over assembly quality and device screening even before the functional testing stage. This approach reduces the time and resources required for troubleshooting, allowing for faster identification of problem areas and faster corrective action.


Promwad has the necessary engineering resources and software for the development of a full-scale set of testing applications for the JTAG Technologies systems. Because of this, our clients can count on the maximum possible fault coverage for all digital circuits in their new electronic devices.

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