Hydrogen Electronics

Hydrogen Electronics

Custom Hydrogen Electronics Solutions

Boost the potential of green hydrogen energy and build custom industrial generators and inverters with Promwad. Let’s deliver flawless performance together.

By implementing electrolysis algorithms, our engineers ensure high levels of direct current (DC) from power converters to guarantee your solutions’ reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Benefit from Our Services


Leading tech vendors

Enhance your hydrogen economy systems with the best tools from leading vendors, such as Infineon, Xilinx, and Texas Instruments.


In-house design laboratory

We conduct intricate analyses and precise simulations with our high-speed oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers, and signal generators.


End-to-end services

At Promwad, you can cover all your needs, from custom sensor design to end-to-end power electronics solutions development.

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Hydrogen gas generators

We build hydrogen gas generators with advanced control systems for precise hydrogen output and safety mechanisms. Focusing on supporting scalable production, our team creates solutions ideal for industrial applications and renewable energy integration.

Our solutions:

  • Hydrogen gas generators
  • Zero air generators
  • Hydrogen electrolysers
  • Nitrogen gas generators
  • Gas generators for laser
  • Combined gas generators
  • Electrolysers

Fuel cell inverters

We design fuel cell inverters that convert DC power generated by fuel cells into AC power for various applications. Employing advanced algorithms for optimal performance, we ensure efficient energy conversion with minimal losses. Additionally, our inverters feature robust protection systems to enhance longevity.

Our solutions:

  • DC power supply for hydrogen production
  • Fuel cell inverter

FCCUs / Fuel cell control units

The fuel cell control unit (FCCU) is critical for managing fuel cell electric vehicles and transferring energy from the fuel cell stack to other power rails. It controls hydrogen and air processing, thermal and water management, and energy conversion.

Our services include:

  • Developing advanced monitoring and control systems for fuel cell stacks, ensuring top safety and operational efficiency.
  • Integrating unidirectional DC/DC converters for simplified power management.
  • Following cutting-edge system redundancy architectures to implement solutions according to all safety standards.

Hydrogen Production by Electrolysis of Water

Water electrolysis generates green hydrogen energy using renewable sources, such as wind and solar power.

The hydrogen reduces emissions and can be stored as gas or liquid for various industrial applications.


We use various electrolysers in our projects:

  • Alkaline electrolysers
  • Polymer electrolyte
  • Microbial
  • Photoelectrochemical (PEC)
  • Proton-exchange membrane (PEM)
  • Anion exchange membrane (AEM)
  • Solid oxide electrolyser cell (SOEC)
Do you want to build a hydrogen electronics solution for your project? Drop us a line!

Application Areas of Hydrogen-Based Solutions

Residential and commercial use
Industrial & chemical processes
Energy storage and grid management
Power generation

Discover Our Case Studies

Industrial Hydrogen Generator

We engineered the electronics for an industrial hydrogen generator. The project included schematic and PCB design, as well as firmware development.


  • Infineon XMC7000, FreeRTOS (CMSIS RTOS v2)
  • DSP mathematics & algorithms
  • LCD, Segger emWIN
  • OTA updates, MCUboot, firmware updates
  • High-precision ADC, PWM, Timers, DMA, SPI, I2C
  • File system (FatFS with backup)
  • HAP, BSP, business logic
  • Ethernet (LwIP)



Hydrogen Generator

Fuel Cell Inverter

Our team developed hardware and firmware for a client's project, utilising a Xilinx SoC for a high-performance fuel cell inverter.


  • Current, voltage, and temperature sensors for fuel cell monitoring
  • Fuel cell stack integration
  • Phase-shifted full-bridge, gate driver, temperature sensor, and fuel cell DC/DC power stage
  • Digital processing, including DSP, SVS, RTC, and logic
  • H-Bridge, T-Type, ANPC, and flying capacitor inverter with gate drivers and temperature sensor
  • Output current and voltage sensors, relay control power stage)
  • Battery DC/DC power stage with gate driver and temperature sensor
  • FPGA implementation using Xilinx Zynq 7020



Fuel Cell Inverter

Tech Stack

Algorithms for electrolysis

P/PI/PD/PID control | Fuzzy logic control (FLC) | Sliding mode control (SMC) | Model predictive control (MPC) | Phase logic | Neural network control | Adaptive, nonlinear, and feedforward control | H-infinity and state-space control | Electrolyte concentration, flow rate, and pressure control | Current, voltage, and temperature control | Hydrogen purge | Diagnostic and fault detection | Gas purity and electrode degradation monitoring

Industrial networks

IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-102, IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 61850, IEC 61850-8-1 (MMS, GOOSE), HSR, PRP, IEEE, C37.94, C37.118, G.703.1, X.21, E1/T1, ISDN PRI/BRI, HDLC, RS232, RS485, Ethernet, IEC 62056 (DLMS/COSEM), DLMS/COSEM over LoRaWAN, MBUS, ANSI C12.18, ANSI С12.19, ANSI C12.21, GSM/GPRS/LTE/5G, LoRaWAN

Digital signal processing (DSP)

Languages: C, C++ | Model-based design: MATLAB/Simulink | Filters: FIR, IIR, FFT, digital, and adaptive | Spectral analysis

Our Cooperation Models

Flexible approach to suit your current needs

Dedicated Team

We will form a team to fit your specific engineering task. You are free to manage it and provide additional resources.


We can join you at any stage or take on the entire project, including our management and risk control.

Fixed Price Model

This contract fixes the price so that it does not depend on resources used or time expended by our engineering team.

Time and Material

A T&M contract is the best option for your flexible set of tasks that are difficult or impossible to fix and assess in advance.

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