STB Apps

Set-Top Box (STB) App Development

We specialise in STB app development tailored for Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and Android TV Operator Tier, as well as for Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, and Linux.

Considering the complexities of the domain, Promwad offers tailored solutions that take your services to the next level.

Our services encompass seamless integration of IPTV/OTT applications with online video platforms, BSS, CAS, DRM, and third-party services.

We also facilitate the expansion of your TV market reach through hybrid DVB-, ATSC 3.0- and HbbTV-enabled infrastructure that supports over-the-air (OTA) and over-the-top (OTT) streaming.

For TV operators →

We offer custom solutions to boost your brand presence, focusing on enhanced management of your IPTV/OTT TV app to facilitate content and app navigation.

For online video platform providers →

At Promwad, we can help you customise branded apps and be in line with Google’s policies. Our team addresses the Android TV Operator Tier program challenges and offers expert STB app development services along with Google standards-compliant certification.

Let's extend your reach and elevate user experience for your TV app!

Extend Reach with Our Services for STBs

Our STB app development services, including IPTV/OTT application development, are focused on elevating user experience and addressing your unique business challenges.

UX/UI development

  • Developing a unique user interface for a distinct platform look
  • Improving content search for user convenience
  • Creating engaging and user-friendly live TV and VOD interfaces

Platform customisation

  • Branding and theming to reflect your identity
  • Highlight operator-specific features and services
  • Enable access to TV guides and recordings through the Android TV Launcher
  • Personalise first-time usage experiences and fine-tune ROM parameters using specialised APIs for viewer activation

Integration of AI-based tools for user profiling

  • Establish efficient service management with AI-driven solutions
  • Personalise content display based on user behaviour, app usage, and preferences
  • Showcase on-demand content from the main menu
  • Implement solutions for personalised advertising to engage users effectively
  • Incorporate an AI-based search engine to enhance content discovery
  • Ensure the detection and censorship of harmful content

Seamless integration of third-party content and applications

  • Implement Single Sign-On functionality for user convenience and seamless access to third-party apps
  • Represent third-party content in a user-friendly manner, facilitating easy discovery and access
  • Optimise the performance of integrated content and apps to establish flawless operation within your platform
  • Provide regular updates and maintenance to keep the content and apps up-to-date and secure

Dedicated technical support

  • Provide comprehensive technical support throughout the entire product lifecycle
  • Offer user onboarding and migration assistance
  • Collect and analyse end-user feedback and requests for continuous improvement
  • Implement user training wizards to enhance user satisfaction
  • Conduct continuous monitoring of your product's performance
  • Establish ongoing maintenance for platform integrity

Discover Our Case Studies

Multi-platform Smart TV App

We've developed a versatile smart TV app usable across various platforms, including Android TV, Android STB, Samsung Tizen, and LG. Our solution prioritizes an engaging and interactive experience for TV viewers.


  • TV Guide navigation
  • Catch up, FF/Rewind
  • Video on demand
  • Seamless audio track switching
  • Subtitles switching
  • Watching playback history
  • Application notification settings
Android STB

Key features implemented for Android STB:

  • Integration of client's IPTV/OTT platform
  • Implementation of a firmware upgrade system
  • Development of a custom launcher
  • Creation of an HLS player library
  • Seamless audio track switching
  • Enhanced UI/UX navigation performance
  • Removal of unused standard Android services and applications

Performance results for Android STB:

  • Reduced zapping time for HLS and unicast/multicast streams from 3-5 to 1-2 seconds
  • Improved latency for unicast/multicast streams from 600 to 250 milliseconds
  • Optimised STB firmware to achieve peak performance on 1GB RAM
  • Reduced boot time from 54 to 38 seconds on STB

Sport Android TV App

We developed an Android TV app with advanced features for watching sports content.

Key features:

  • Video on demand (VOD)
  • Promoted events and calendar
  • User notifications
  • QR code authorization
  • Paid subscriptions
  • Google Analytics integration

Tech Stack:

  • OS: Android TV
  • Language: Kotlin, JS
  • Build tool: Gradle
  • Dev tool: Firebase, Jetpack Compose, WebView
  • IDE: Android Studio
Sport Android TV app

SDK Flutter Porting to STB

We successfully ported the Flutter framework to the RDK platform, resulting in a functional application with a high-quality frame rate running Flutter on the target device.

Key features:

  • Flutter framework
  • RDK platform
  • EFL (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) tools
  • Intel x86
  • ARM processor

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SDK Flutter

Building Custom Android TV Solutions for Unique Experience

We can create a tailored Android TV App Launcher and employ the full potential of the Android TV Operator Tier program by:

  • Creating unique experience management features beyond Android TV Operator Tier guidelines
  • Unifying your TV services within the Android TV ecosystem
  • Creating personalised interfaces
  • Prioritising branded content and facilitating access to Google services to maximise user engagement
  • Implementing AI-powered features to personalise content recommendations and drive revenue through various monetisation strategies
  • Optimising operator and 3rd party content discovery for users
  • Implementing parental controls for safe viewing
  • Ensuring fast and reliable streaming
  • Supporting multiple languages and subtitles for broader audience reach

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