2019: A Year of Innovations in the Automotive Electronics Design

The continuous growth of the number of IoT and AI technologies in the automotive sector is expected in 2019. Here is the list of trends in automotive electronics suggested by Forbes:

1. Autonomous driving, electric powertrains, shared mobility, and other devices will ensure safe and more comfortable driving.

2. For the first time in decades, sales in the Chinese auto market have fallen. This event may adversely affect the economy as a whole. On the other hand, public transport in China remains popular and continues to gain momentum.

3. Uber, Lyft and DiDi are going to conquer the IPO market. These are promising companies whose shares may surpass perennial favourites.

4. Multimodal mobility solutions are one more trend in 2019. Big Data and data analytics will help public and private companies reach an appropriate level of urban transportation. Also, modern journey planning apps would be available soon.

4. Connected vehicles are no longer seem like the future — this is happening now. The connected environment is preparing to increase the possibilities of automation for cars. In the near future, users will be able to issue short-term and long-term subscriptions, as well as purchase demo versions of certain functions.

5. Maintenance will be even easier. Just order the service directly from your vehicle. No fuel or you want to visit a restaurant on the way home? Your car will help organize that.

6. Autonomous vehicles are becoming a reality before our eyes. Very soon we will be able to order a self-driving taxi. In the meantime, manufacturers promise to improve diagnostics and ensure safety through redundant braking and steering systems.

Increasingly, you can find news about the creation of electric vehicles. In 2019, it is planned to launch 43 new car models that are powered by electricity. The sales volume of xEV can reach 6.67 million units, which exceeds this figure in 2018 by almost 40%. In this case, the number of petrol powertrains increases and charging technologies is developing rapidly.

As for the forecast for the automotive market, 2019 will be a difficult year. First of all, this is justified by the US-Chinese trade war and a decrease in demand in countries like Thailand, Turkey, and Slovakia. But in Brasilia, Latin America solid sales in this segment and also GDP growth are expected.

In any case, we will soon find out if analyst forecasts will come true. Follow technology news with Promwad, we will keep you updated publishing new projects in our Automotive Design Solutions.