A breakthrough technology promising to change your battery life forever

Will you believe if we say that you will be able to charge your smartphone or electric car battery fully in just 6 minutes? It seems like a joke, but it’s not. Just a few days ago it was officially reported by the Echion Technologies startup founder, Dr. Jean De La Verpilliere from the University of Cambridge, where he was studying nanoscience. 

What has he done? Traditionally manufacturers produce lithium-ion batteries in such a way that inside its cells there is graphite. Dr. Jean De La Verpilliere has managed to create a special powder, that can replace graphite and excessively increase recharge capacity. The startup claims to have a prototype that has been validated, and it secured investments from Newable Private Investing and Cambridge Enterprise.

This week, Echion Technologies announced that it is actively searching for collaboration with major battery manufacturers to make supply agreements of these "secret" powder in place of graphite to create new generation batteries. Designing innovative devices for electrified vehicles with such batteries seems to be a promising niche, shaping the future of the automotive industry. That is one of the Promwad areas of expertise. 

We design eco-friendly and fault-tolerant hardware, innovative, open, and scalable infotainment systems for electric vehicles. Ease of use is our priority: we eliminate redundancies, reduce complexity, and shrink costs by overcoming the most difficult challenges. 

In case you are desired to move your idea to production, choose the Promwad team to get access to deep automotive engineering expertise, and state-of-the-art design capabilities.