Five challenges on the way to a successful project and their outcomes

We believe that your team has gathered the best developers, designers, testers, and other specialists. But if you don't organize the work correctly, then the results of the projects will be an unpleasant surprise for you. It is a known fact that less than 3% of companies complete all their projects successfully. Whether you are a startup or an experienced company, this article will be useful to you, so as not to replenish the sad statistics. So let's go.

Here are five main problems of Agile project management that can kill not only the mood but also the results of your work:



Consider each of them in more detail and try to prevent further mistakes:

Unclear Goals

If you don't want to join the ranks of failed projects, you need to define your goals clearly. Also, you need to understand how you will measure their progress as you develop. Milestones – critical points in the course of the project – help regulate the growth of the project, but without clear goals and control, you will lose them.

Solution: SMART rules can be a useful assistant in this matter for you. Be sure to read about them if you are still unfamiliar with these five letters.

Inadequate Communication

Are your team members not interested in the results of other departments? We have bad news for you – urgently set up communication among employees. To avoid the failure of the project, each player must be aware of the intermediate results, problems, and requirements of the client.

Solution: It's a good idea to organize weekly sprints, meetings, or one-on-one discussions, so everyone knows where the game is heading.

Misestimating Expenses

Unreasonably reducing project costs during planning, you increase the risk of trouble for your project. To implement the plan, you will most likely need the help of third-party organizations, which, in turn, also bear the costs.

Solution: If you don't want to get stuck at any stage of the project's life, find a project management tool. This tool should efficiently calculate and track project costs



Risk Mismanagement

No lucky person can avoid all the risks in the development and implementation of projects. Knowing that you can wait ahead, you can make more efforts to mitigate the negative impact of unplanned factors for your project. Pay attention to the strategy.

Solution: We recommend the installation of useful risk management software. So you can control the project and timely prevent risks without painful losses.

Unrealistic Deadlines

That would be great if you can offer the shortest time to the client. But if you work fast only on paper, you will not only get in trouble with the client but also increase your expenses.

Solution: Make it a rule to track a project at all stages to avoid long delays. Set real timelines and use Gantt charts to pick on a schedule and complete projects on time. Help the team keep up with the plan. Earlier, we already gave some tips on how to estimate how much time you need for the project “rationally”.

Avoid all these threats to achieve the best result, and do not hesitate to ask for advice from us!

Once you've used all the proposed solutions and created your own, use the recommendations on how to market your app here.

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