Promwad upgrades telecom and FPGA design projects with MATLAB & Simulink

Promwad has got a license for MATLAB & Simulink, one of the best graphical programming environments for modelling, simulating and analyzing of communication systems and automatic source code generation for FPGA.

Currently, the satellite communications market is booming and attracts next-generation technologies. The software package, developed by MathWorks, allows our engineers to accelerate the design of wireless SDR (software-defined radio) and communication systems projects that require accurate modelling and verification methodology.

The high tech solution for verification of the HDL code enables our customers to accelerate the time-to-market due to the ability of MATLAB to generate automatic code for ASIC, FPGA, SoC, and processors. HDL Coder integrates with various developments from global companies such as Xilinx, Intel, and Microchip (ex. Microsemi).

With this programming environment, our engineers can create high-quality telecom equipment using unique hardware models for wireless communications. Also, they debug prototypes of modems directly from MATLAB & Simulink.

Image: Prototyping SoC based motor controllers, a case study in applying the model-based design. Source: MATLAB Youtube channel.

”The ability to create a modem model from scratch, without any templates, made a deep impression on our engineering team. We learned in detail about the possibilities of the MATLAB & Simulink packages for simulating of communication systems and automatic code generation.

Personally, I think that from now on these packages will become one of our major development tools due to the best ratio of costs and time-to-market.”

Alex, Project manager at Promwad


The MATLAB & Simulink software products have been empowering engineers around the world for about 35 years and now they help Promwad's clients to reduce the development time and improve the performance of our project teams.