Promwad at Intel Experience Day

At the end of October, Promwad representatives visited one of the key Intel events. The Intel Experience Day conference took place thanks to the support of Microsoft, SAP, Cisco, Dell Technologies, HP, and other companies. 

Being the second-largest chip manufacturer in the world, Intel has valuable experience and knowledge in lots of areas, which the company shared at Intel Experience Day. Leading companies presented trends such as AI, cloud computing, data analytics, the Internet of Things, and others. 

Organizers divided all working sessions into three areas: hard, soft, and fusion. Thus, the conference covered a wide variety of problems. Besides, it gathered assemblers of servers and PCs, software developers, engineers in the field of big data processing, as well as representatives of companies responsible for solving business problems under one roof.

Also, the conference visitors had the opportunity to ask questions to Intel's experts and the IT industry, as well as to visit the exhibition. Innovative software and hardware products of Intel and its partners were demonstrated at the demo zone. 

The purpose of constant development is one of the most important at Promwad. We are always glad to share our knowledge and experience to create innovative technological solutions!

Image source: Intel