We design in-vehicle infotainment systems on Telechips Dolphin+

Last year, Promwad and Telechips, a Korean chip maker, initiated collaboration on the design of customized IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) systems based on the latest Telechips Dolphin+ TCC803x SoC targeted at the European market.

Traditionally the European automotive market is dominated by NXP, ST, and Infineon. A newcomer—the Korean chip maker Telechips—is going to break this hegemony, especially in the infotainment sector. On the local market, Telechips is well-known to Korean OEMs like Kia, Hyundai, and SsangYong as a primary supplier of IVI/Automotive Infotainment, DAB radio and TV tuner ICs.

Dolphin+ TCC803x is an infotainment line of processors that Telechips announced this January. This line supports 4-channels of HD resolution input with MIPI interface.Dolphin+ is the 14nm system-on-chip with a set of necessary characteristics for the production of automotive devices. The key features of the TCC803x CoS:

  • The high-efficiency ARM Cortex-A53 Quad processor or Dual core (512KB unified L2 cache).
  • A built-in MICOM subsystem, which is a dedicated cortex-R5 processor core running the real-time OS for CAN bus communications. It removes the need for an external microcontroller.
  • Vivid and realistic infotainment due to the dual Mali GPU (G51 MP3, G51 MP1) having three independent display support and 3D graphics with OpenGL ES1.1/2.0/3.2 and OpenCL 1.0/1.1/2.0.
  • Android and Linux operating system support.

During 20 years of its history, Telechips became one of the leading fabless chip companies focused on the Automotive (IVI & cluster, car AVN and audio) and Smart home (STB and IoT).

Cooperation with such a niche leader company as Telechips allows Promwad to deliver high-quality and cost-effective automotive infotainment systems to the European clients. For more info, visit our page about the design and manufacturing of automotive electronics.