Texas Instruments launches new power switching regulator

Reaching the lowest possible quiescent current extending battery life is one of the most crucial questions for electronics designers. Being the leader od the industry, Texas Instruments just recently came up with the special power switching regulator. It was designed to extend the battery life of industrial and consumer Internet of Things devices

What are the benefits of the new TPS62840 60-nA IQ? First of all, using it while designing IoT electronics brings along very high light-load efficiency, and, as a result, longer battery life. TI ensures, that the reached efficiency is 30% better that that of competitive solutions. Also, the capability to select mode and the availability of stop functions instead of traditional functionality of expensive sensors, or precision signal-chain components can not only improve the performance but also lower the overall costs. With the TPS62840 engineers now can also use smaller batteries or even make the battery count 50% lower, making the final solution size more compact. Other key features and tech characteristics you may find on the TI’s official website.

We already have the access to the pre-production samples to design cutting-edge wearables and other gadgets meeting any kinds of your desires: from the development of smart connected devices to industrial automation.