Supply of custom electronic enclosures

We deliver enclosures for new electronic devices on time and within budget. Our services include adjusting your design documentation to the requirements of production, choosing appropriate materials, creating enclosure prototypes, launching manufacturing, and supplying you with the initial batch of finished products.

We are ready to manufacture your enclosure with the specified number of copies, while meeting your established deadlines, costs, and quality parameters.

One of the major problems in launching enclosure production is creation and testing of quality tooling and molds for plastic and metal parts. Promwad is up to the challenge, driven to produce a finished enclosure that fully matches the product’s design specifications.

Manufacturing technologies available:

  • Injection molding of plastics, including two-component injection molding and molding with embedded elements
  • Molding of aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • Extrusion of aluminum alloys and plastics
  • Silicone and rubber compression molding 
  • Vacuum molding of plastics
  • Sheet metal bending
  • Metal machining (milling, etc.)
  • Selection of colors and dying of plastics in bulk (adding the dye to the molten material)
  • Coating plastics with solid varnishes and rubbery soft-touch coating
  • Powder coating of metals


Our manufacturing support projects


IPTV STB with DVB-T/S/S2We have designed a digital IPTV STB with DVB-T and DVB-S/S2 support, based on the SMP8654 processor by SigmaDesigns

5D video hardware+softwareWe have developed a 5D cinema hardware and software complex at the order of a company which supplies animatronics

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