Promwad engineering cartoons: an ICMP joke


If you did not get this joke, open a terminal and use the command ¨ping¨. You´ll understand it then.

ICMP is a network protocol, included in TCP/IP stack, that allows to generate and send error messages. This error-reporting protocol used by network devices like routers when IP packets cannot be delivered.

Promwad engineers design telecom equipment with the support of ICMP protocol, of course. :-) We create new products for our customers not only from scratch but also on the basis of ready-made hardware and software platforms. For example, we use our software package for LAN/WAN/WiFi routers with the support of such features as VoIP and IPTV on different hardware architectures. Read about our CPE platform for more details.

If you take an interest in engineering, we would recommend our old but still useful article about the fastpath software to boost the performance of Linux-based home network routers. There you can find a more detailed explanation of traffic handling process for the packages containing ICMP data.