Promwad Grows Tech Expertise in Nordic Solutions for Smart Homes & IoT

Nordic Workshop
Kirill Zut

By Kirill Zut

Chief Product Portfolio Officer at Promwad

Our engineers participated in Nordic Tech Tour workshops in Vilnius and Krakow this November. The workshops were organised by Nordic Semiconductor, a leader in wireless IoT technologies, which we use to design our clients' low-power solutions for smart buildings and homes.

In the course of the workshops, the experts from Nordic presented new products and discussed the following topics:

  • features and possibilities of Bluetooth Low Energy technology;
  • use of the Matter home automation standard;
  • introduction to the DECT NR+ standard for non-cellular 5G communication;
  • application options for Bluetooth LE Audio;
  • development of secure IoT solutions;
  • low-power Wi-Fi 6 capabilities for IoT applications;
  • trends in power management integrated circuit (PMIC) development.


One of the most popular topics was the analysis of a new line of microcontrollers of the nRF54 family, which have double power compared to the previous generation chips and allow replacing several chips needed for different tasks, for example, for smart home management.

How Promwad Applies Technologies by Nordic. Case Studies

We apply Nordic products to create low-power smart home solutions for our customers while maintaining efficiency and high computing power. Our engineers are currently working on several projects in this area:

home automation icon

Case Study #1: Smart Heating System

In partnership with eCozy GmbH, a Germany-based smart electronics development company, we are designing an advanced smart heating solution based on the nRF52 and nRF53 SoCs by Nordic Semiconductor — a software and hardware platform for installation in homes and a mobile app for control and monitoring.

Devkit nRF5340 DK

Devkit nRF5340 DK for projects with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) by Nordic. Source:

This smart heating solution includes hardware components designed to support the cutting-edge Matter standard:

  • a radiator thermostat;
  • a central unit;
  • a temperature sensor.

As part of this engineering project for a smart home, there was also implemented an innovative heating algorithm based on artificial intelligence to proactively heat rooms, save up to 30% of heating costs, and reduce CO2 emissions without compromising comfort.

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Case Study #2: Electronic Gaming Devices

We are upgrading a compact gaming device at the request of a game design company. Our task is to equip the device with touch displays, increase its performance and memory capacity and improve its charging module. This included solving the problem of the battery pack stopping charging before reaching 100%.

To address the challenges, our team optimises firmware and updates hardware, including changing an old MCU to Nordic's nRF5340.

Kirill Zut at Promwad

"Participation in Nordic Semiconductor's workshops is not just an opportunity for professional development; it is a strategic investment in our clients' projects. The knowledge gained is our powerful tool, and our team is ready to use it and design innovative solutions for our clients."

— Kirill Zut, Chief Product Portfolio Officer at Promwad


Nordic Semiconductor solutions are designed with a focus on low power consumption with high performance. These features make them ideal for battery-powered devices and applications where power consumption is critical: solutions for IoT, healthcare, consumer electronics, home automation, etc.

Our team has considerable expertise in working with Nordic's components and technologies for various industries, and we are constantly improving our skills. Tell us about your project, and we will help you to find the optimal engineering solution!