Our client Qoobi B.V. wins CES 2019 Innovation Awards

Qoobi ONE, an innovative product of our client Qoobi B.V.— a Holland-based audio tech startup —won the prestigious CES 2019 Innovation Awards.



This award for innovations in design and technology has been given within CES, the world's largest and the most influential consumer electronics show, for more than half a century now. We congratulate the Qoobi team on their amazing victory and are proud that Promwad was involved in this ambitious project: last year, commissioned by Qoobi B.V. we produced the first working prototype of their device for the first announcement in Las Vegas.

The Qoobi ONE is a Hi-Fi wireless preamp designed by music professionals especially for fans of live and cozy tube sound. This analog device operates on Sovtek vacuum tubes by Mike Matthews's New Sensor Corporation (there are only a few manufacturers left around the world). Qoobi ONE receives digital sound from smartphones and tablets with Bluetooth support and then delivers high-quality analog sound to the user's multimedia system.

Promwad mechanical designers and technologists joined the Qoobi team at the stage of adaptation of their design to the production requirements. We selected the optimal materials and processing technologies, developed the mechanical design, organized the assembly and delivery of the working prototype. Non-standard materials were used in the production: anodized aluminum and thin quartz glass (as you know, we love challenging projects ).

The founders of Qoobi B.V. refers to their development as “back to the future”, they bridged a hundred - year technological gap implementing vacuum tubes together with low-power Bluetooth (BLE v5.0).

Start of the sales of Qoobi ONE planned for the middle of this year, the price starts from $1,500. We invite you to enjoy the beauty of this device at www.qoobi.nl or explore the backstage of this project in our portfolio.