Promwad Accelerates Digital Transformation with Qualcomm IoT Technologies

Qualcomm IoT

Promwad, an engineering company headquartered in Lithuania with R&D centers across Europe, has joined the Qualcomm® IoT Accelerator Program, part of the Qualcomm Advantage Network. The Qualcomm IoT Accelerator Program connects software and hardware design service providers, ODMs and system integrators to accelerate the launch of industrial and consumer IoT solutions based on technologies from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Clients developing solutions for telecom, video and audio streaming, automotive, industrial automation, and robotics systems can benefit from:

  • the latest industry-leading processors, business insights and expertise;
  • software updates, documentation, and technical expertise.

The engineering services provided by Promwad are showcased on the Qualcomm Advantage Network along with other program members worldwide.

Daniil Samoshchenko

"We are excited to join the ecosystem of hardware and software collaborators and accelerate IoT across multiple industries together. With their developer-friendly cloud framework and advanced chipsets, we can bring real value to our clients by designing custom IoT systems with high-speed connectivity for security-rich data transfer and low-power computing for time-sensitive decision making,"

said Daniil Samoshchenko, Chief Partnership Officer at Promwad Electronics Design House.

Sebastiano Di Filippo

"We are pleased to welcome Promwad as a Qualcomm IoT Accelerator Program member. The convergence of connectivity, computing and AI is driving digital growth across industries, and the program unites our ecosystem of technology and service providers to support businesses on their digital transformation journey,"

said Sebastiano Di Filippo, Senior Director, Business Development, Qualcomm Europe, Inc.

Promwad has 19 years of engineering design experience in the global high-tech marketplace, and supports its clients with the development of new software and hardware products for various IoT applications:

  • Camera & Audio: Custom AI-powered video sensors for production quality control, the automotive industry, as well as, audio and video processing for video surveillance systems.
  • Industrial Automation: Hardware and software development projects for predictive maintenance, industrial robots, motor control platforms, vision and imaging sensors.
  • Energy & Utilities: Providing design services for power engineering, Promwad creates smart solutions for electricity meters, protection relays, data concentrators, smart grids, and power conversion systems (PCS).
  • Smart Home & Buildings Automation: The design of new smart systems to manage energy, HVAC, lifts, lighting, building access, etc.
  • Location & Tracking: Empowered with machine vision and GPS, Promwad develops tracking sensors for various applications, including smart parking lots, asset tracking systems and people counting solutions.

Businesses looking to develop or customise IoT solutions based on Qualcomm Technologies can work with Promwad to accelerate their time to market, while they focus on their core expertise and business growth.

To learn more about our Qualcomm engineering services and how we can enhance your IoT solution, visit our Qualcomm service page.

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Qualcomm IoT Accelerator Program and Qualcomm Advantage Network are programs of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.