A mobile router with extra security features to work with VPNs and Tor, and IMEI changing while blocking StingRay surveillance.

Design of L2 Gigabit managed switches, 24 ports


OpenWRT for Realtek

By order of the network equipment manufacturer, we developed a specialized Embedded Linux distribution for routers and other network devices. The firmware build system is based on the OpenWRT distribution. We also developed an adaptable web interface to manage LuCi based on the Lua scripting language.

VoIP broadband router

Our engineers designed a subscriber router for providing voice over IP services in broadband networks. This platform can be used for rapid development of network devices with VoIP features. The hardware of the router is based on dual-core MIPS-processor with a frequency of 600 MHz. It offers a wide range of interfaces: FXS, GbE, USB 2.0 and WiFi 802.11b/g/n. The software is implemented on Asterisk, an open source framework for computer telephony.