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Intel FPGA

Intel FPGA Programming & Design Services

We assist you in creating a building block for various embedded systems using Intel FPGA development boards, microprocessors, and supporting hardware.

Choosing Intel processor architecture helps us reach the highest level of security, power, and performance to solve your most challenging business needs.

Our Expertise in Intel FPGA Solutions

Intel-based FPGA design services at Promwad mean you get a wide range of electronics products and software applications, thanks to almost 20 years of working with their product portfolio.

Now, as an official Intel Partner Alliance Member, we help integrate high-speed transceivers, logic blocks, high-speed I/Os, configurable embedded SRAM, routing, as well as intellectual property (IP). We employ Intel FPGA software tools to get the optimal development time, costs, and power. In our projects, we work with Stratix, Arria, Cyclone, and Max series.

FPGA background

What We Do in Intel FPGA Programming

Intel FPGA programming enables our clients to enter their target markets with breakthrough solutions. Leveraging Intel FPGA boards, MCUs, and other devices, we delve into digital signal processing, random logic, encoding, emulation, and more.


Here are the areas where our expertise lies:

  • Datacom and Networking
  • Image and video processing
  • Video interface interconversion
  • RTL
  • SDR
  • Interfaces

Our Intel-Based FPGA Design Projects

Advanced PCIe End-Point IP core

Advanced PCIe end-point IP core

Tags: Kintex, Ultrascale, Artix7, Linux, PCI-e, Arria10, CycloneV
A multiplatform PCIe controller core wrapper providing up to 10 DMA channels and 6 BARs.
– Linux driver
– Kintex UltraScale / Artix7
– Arria10 / CycloneV

3G 12G SDI gearbox

3G/12G SDI gearbox

Tags: Cyclone10, SDI 
A complete device has been designed for 3G and 12G signal processing. A custom Gearbox IP core for 4x3G<->12G streams conversion has been delivered with 2SI and SQD modes support.

BIOS emulation

BIOS emulation

Tags: HyperRAM, niosii, max10, qspi

MAX10+HyperRAM based BIOS emulator for secure chipsets booting.

Our Tech Map

Specialized tools

Vitis/Vivado, Quartus Prime, Diamond, Libero, Matlab

Software platforms

NVidia Jetson, Alveo, OpenVINO, TensorFlow, Keras, Caffe

Tools & Languages

Verilog, VHDL, VivadoHLS, Simulink/HDL Coder, С/C++, Python

Hardware design

High-speed PCBs, DDR4, JESD204b, HDMI, SDI, SI, PI, Thermo modeling


Zynq US+, RFSoC, Cyclone10, ECP5, MPF500


AD9361, AD9371, ADRV9009, Radars, Custom AFE, Antenas

Network protocols

DPDK, UDP 10G, TCP 10G, TAPs, L1/L2 IP cores


1G, 10G, 25G/40G, 100G

Alex Krainov, Head of Engineering

"If you need complex data processing or high-speed throughput, Intel FPGA programming is your best choice. Our experts are ready to provide top-notch hardware design and firmware development services. Moreover, we are ready to give a hand with schematic design and UVM verification."

— Alex Krainov, CTO of Embedded Engineering at Promwad

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