Electronics Testing and Certification

Overall hardware and software testing during all the electronics development stages ensures high quality of the final product.

Specialists of the testing and quality assurance department in Promwad help the clients to achieve their goals using advanced technologies and experience of successful launching of innovative products.

The services of Promwad Innovation Company include testing of software and hardware platforms, testing of printed circuit boards (PCB), preparation for certification tests, post manufacturing tests (JTAG-testing, etc.) as well as certification itself.

Analysis, audit, development of testing strategies and test documents

  • Outstaffing (providing highly qualified personnel for software and hardware testing)
  • Testability audit of design documents and specifications
  • Development of programs and techniques for pretesting, acceptance and delivery testing as well as departmental, state and interstate testing
  • Planning and development of maintenance documents (test plans, test cases and test reports)
  • Identification and analysis of errors detected during software and hardware testing, as well as generation of test protocols

Load testing

  • Load testing involves an examination of the overcapacity of the system tested, as well as capacity monitoring and analysis. The system adjustment does not change during testing
  • Stress testing is used for monitoring the functions of the system in overload conditions and during failures, as well as identifying the capacity of the system with admittedly limited resources (memory shortage, low-capacity processor, etc.)
  • Reliability testing involves system capacity assessment during a long operation time, which is also performed on systems with large amounts of data and a high load

Functional testing

  • Functionality testing (black box testing) is a test done on software for compliance with specifications requirements. It can be performed both as a full test of the specified functionality and a basic functionality check
  • Regression testing is testing the product’s functionality after correction of errors or implementation of new functional capabilities
  • Installation testing is testing the software installation / deinstallation process
  • Integration testing is testing the application’s interaction with external systems including specific hardware products and device drivers
  • Quick testing is a test done to make sure that the application’s basic functions run correctly. It does not include a thorough test of each function specifically

Test automation

The key advantages of automated testing include accelerated testing without quality losses and enhanced testing quality. It is achieved because when automation is used the tester fatigue effect has no impact on the testing quality.

Unit testing

Our company’s experts create tests for every non-standard function or technique. This helps to perform a rather quick check in case another code change causes regression, i.e. errors in parts of the software product already tested. It also makes it easier to identify and correct these errors.

Inspection and control of design documents

  • Control of a complete set of design documents before delivering them to the place of production
  • Inspection of the principal electric circuit
  • Control of the list of elements
  • Inspection of assembly drawings, component drawings, etc.
  • Control of the connection between all documents included in the design documentation
  • Control of design documents execution at all stages of the project development

Hardware testing

  • Testing of the hardware platform and its functional nodes (processor, memory, interfaces, power, etc.)
  • Circuitry inspection
  • PCB trace inspection
  • Development of software for PCB functional testing at the time of production
  • JTAG test development according to IEEE1149.1 (JTAG-testing) and IEEE1149.6 standards
  • DFT analysis of integrated circuits

Preparation of products and design documents for certification testing

  • Search of companies that offer certification services
  • Preparation and completion of certification testing documents
  • Involvement of our company’s experts in certification testing
  • Consultation assistance in solving related problems

The full range of product testing services and techniques at the time of production

  • Development of a document describing the required set of tests and algorithms to cover all functional nodes of the device
  • Generation of the list of equipment needed for testing the device at the time of production
  • Development of requirements for specialized equipment. Design and production of this equipment
  • Development of software for testing devices at the time of production
  • Adjustment of production quality control techniques. This includes selective control involving X-ray control, vibration survival testing and temperature resistance control

Why our clients order testing at Promwad?

Working with the Promwad Testing Center will enable you to achieve excellent quality and high reliability:

  • Our experts’ high professionalism will help you perform both the product’s hardware and software testing
  • Our experience in testing low-level applications in different areas delivers you a brilliant quality for your product
  • Our expertise in automated testing cuts the testing time and enables an in-depth analysis

We focus on providing your products with enhanced reliability and compliance with international quality standards.



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